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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Member since: Sun Oct 14, 2012, 11:45 AM
Number of posts: 11,308

About Me

Always a Democrat. I can't understand conservatives. I try to understand them, but I can't. They don't make sense. Our country has gone so far right since 1981. I was just an average American who took many Democratic values for granted when Reagan was elected. It was like the rug was pulled out from under our society. Reagan ruined our country.

Journal Archives

What are we supposed to be protesting tomorrow:

Trump firing Sessions?

Sessions resigning?


Whitaker getting rid of Rosenstein?

Whitaker getting rid of Mueller?

I'm really confused: Right now Whitaker is acting director. Will he recuse himself from Russia? Will he fire Rosenstein? Will he fire Meuller?

What should my sign say? We have to have a message or people will just think we're some rag tag group gathered and won't pay any attention.

There needs to be an "action", but I don't know what it is.

Creepy Halloween Costume!



I reported a FB user to the FBI

He made the following comment on CBS News: Obama started all this and is getting the reaction he desires

I don't know if the FBI will even care.

He used what I believe to be his real name and had a location in South Dakota.

AOL removed their spam controls and 20 years worth of Spam flooded my inbox!!!

Well not exactly 20 years, but when I checked my email on Monday, it was full of Spam. When I went to my Spam controls they were gone.

The only reason I stayed with AOL for this long was because, "Only allow people from my address book" as an option. Everything else went into my Spam folder. This worked out great. I was on lists for oodles of politicians, but it didn't bother me because it went into my Spam folder. If I wanted to read a Liz Warren newsletter I could find it in my spam folder. If I didn't want to read it, it didn't clutter my inbox.

So now I will have to migrate to a new email. This is probably going to take several months. I will keep my AOL email as I transition etc. I downloaded a program called Mailwasher Pro to deal with my AOL spam and it is helping.

But just the thought of moving everything after 20 years is a bit overwhelming. From friends, to newsletters, to logins etc.

Fortunately, I've been sick this week, so I have the time to focus on this.

Everyone teased me about having an AOL address for years. I always countered with, "They've got the best Spam controls". Now I'm proof that AOL $ucks. With this business model, I think AOL is gonna go out of business pretty soon.

The winner of the PD lip sync challege is:

The competitions have been popping up on my FB feed:

These guys win!

<iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen


I took my granddaughter to the doctor.....$4,184 bill - ear infection

A few weeks ago, I took my 18 mo granddaughter to the doctor. Her mom couldn't be there. I got a letter from her mom allowing me to act on her behalf.

The doctor said she needed to do some labs, so she sent us to the hospital next door. I didn't like the idea, but neither did my daughter in law. But I went along with it because I didn't want to appear like I was going Against Medical Advice. (I'm not the mom, but her surrogate)

They catheterized her to check for a UTI. They drew some blood and performed a nasal swab. They told me it would be $314.

This weekend, I got a bill addressed to me for $4,000....$3,596 for Bacteriology/Microbiology.

I am so mad......

Del Rio Elects Openly Gay Mayor

The South Texas town of Del Rio, population 35,998, elected its first openly gay officeholder on Saturday when Bruno Lozano won the mayoral race. Lozano, a 35-year-old Air Force veteran who wore a pair of heels while marching in Del Rio’s Veterans Parade last year, is part of what the Houston Chronicle described earlier this year as a “wave” of LGBT candidates seeking public office in Texas in 2018. According to Houston’s OutSmart Magazine, as of January there were at least 52 LGBT candidates across the state, chasing everything from small-town mayor gigs to state representative seats to the governor’s office.

Lozano had become well known in Del Rio for his work to clean up the border town’s waterways, according to Into, an online magazine produced by the gay online dating app Grindr, and he decided to run for mayor in 2016. “I’ve gained a huge following ever since I put my name in the hat,” Lozano told Into in April. “The Baby Boomers have been running the government over the last 20 to 30 years. Del Rio needs investment and infrastructure, flood prevention, and then they also need economic growth.” Into reported that Lozano’s decision to run for office was “fueled by a demand for change,” a motivation that seems to be shared by many of Texas’s current LGBT candidates.

It’s been a particularly difficult past few years for the LGBT community in Texas. Policy makers nationally and at the state level have worked—with varying degrees of success—to repeal some of the rights that LGBT people have painstakingly gained in the last decade. In Texas, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick’s yearlong crusade to pass a “bathroom bill” in 2017 ultimately died in the Legislature, but the controversial bill pitted hard-line conservatives seeking to implement gender restrictions on public restrooms versus an LGBT community fighting against further marginalization. At the federal level, the election of President Donald Trump in 2016 signaled a shift from former President Barack Obama’s LGBT-friendly policies. In March, Trump signed an executive order banning transgender people from joining the U.S. military, and in June the Trump administration refused to recognize Pride Month.

Fourth paragraph in Texas Monthly article has a few errors because the candidates referenced lost their March 6th primaries.

Watch Friday night's debate (Valdez and White) on KXAN.COM

Dallas Morning News political writer Gromer Jeffers will moderate a Democratic gubernatorial runoff debate between Lupe Valdez and Andrew White Friday at St. James Episcopal Church in East Austin.

The debate will not be televised, but a live stream of the 7 p.m. event will be made available through KXAN.com. The church, located at 1941 Webberville Road, has a seating capacity of 250 and a limited number of free tickets were made available at 6 p.m. Tuesday via the debate’s official Facebook event page.

The debate, the only one between White and Valdez, is being sponsored by a grassroots coalition, including the State Tejano Democrats, Texas Coalition of Black Democrats, Texas College Democrats, Texas Young Democrats, Texas Stonewall Democrats and the Travis County Democratic Party.

“The people asked for a debate and grassroots groups delivered,” said coalition leader, James Lee, an elected representative of the Hispanic Caucus on the Democratic State Executive Committee.


Spectrum News will also air the debate, but I don't know if it will just be in Austin or statewide.

They are inducing my daughter in law and none of this makes sense

She is 39 weeks and they are inducing because the baby was on the small side and felt he would grow faster outside the womb?????? WTF

This was a week ago, so this is a planned induction.

I asked her if she had any blood pressure issues or other issues, she said no.

Now she's at the hospital and they put something into her cervix because it is not effaced. Tomorrow they will start Pitocin.

My cervix was already doing stuff at 38 weeks and all of my kids were born a week late.

My hunch is my DIL is not 39 weeks and that is why her baby is on the small side.

Seen on Facebook

It's from my Plant ID Group. Opium poppy. They only ID one plant at a time per strict rules. The mod says, "This has been identified. I'm turning off comments immediately".
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