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Gender: Female
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Member since: Sun Oct 14, 2012, 11:45 AM
Number of posts: 11,303

About Me

Always a Democrat. I can't understand conservatives. I try to understand them, but I can't. They don't make sense. Our country has gone so far right since 1981. I was just an average American who took many Democratic values for granted when Reagan was elected. It was like the rug was pulled out from under our society. Reagan ruined our country.

Journal Archives

My reelected County Commissioner died on Thursday

It would have been his ninth term

He was very effective at what he did, but his declining health was interfering with his work, so I supported his opponent in the primary.

There were also rumors that his health was bad enough that he would not survive the next term.

Instead, he didn't even make it to the next term.

The County Commissioners Court will appoint a replacement until the next general election. I hope the replacement is his primary opponent or someone who is very competent.

He was in the job for so long that he was part of the "machine" and that is why he accomplished so much. Our municipal reps (mayor, city council) are all term limited, however County Commissioners Court is not. Commissioner Elizondo and long serving, Judge Nelson Wolff are the bedrock of many programs in Bexar County.


Do you have Rh-negative blood?

Did you know that you are the victim of one of the weirdest conspiracy theories.----EVER??? I'm Rh-negative. Had three kids. Got Rhogam and lived a normal life until I decided to Google Rh-negative blood.

It is hard to find any scientific articles within the piles of wooo wooo woooo beyond crazy.

My blood type is A negative. I've heard this can cause pregnancy issues, so I Googled "Rh-negative blood" and ran across a bunch of weirdo sites with "theories" about the origin of negative blood types and some online communities with seriously racist undertones. Where did all this crazy mythology surrounding blood types come from? —Katrina

That sure is some netherworld of dodgy disinfo you inadvertently spelunked into, Katrina—no place you’d want to find yourself without up-to-date antivirus software, an airtight pop-up blocker, and ideally a strong stomach. Many links concerning Rh-negative blood look kosher enough in your search results but when clicked release a flood of wide-eyed theories about ethnic migration, blood-type-based dating tips, and offers to trace your ancestry back to extraterrestrials, angels, or lizards.

Various stalwart rationalists, bless 'em all, have labored above and beyond to debunk this stuff. But I'll go out on a limb here and assume that none of my readers actually suspects some randy E.T. begat great-grandpa. Instead, as you say, the question is where these crypto-hematologists emerged from and what their deal is. On examination, they generally seem to be people who had certain theories about how the world worked long before they learned of Rh negativity. And then? Well, they smelled blood........

No one knows for sure: five magic words that will forever summon swarms of crackpots from dankest cyberspace. Some try to tell you that the children of the Nephilim, an antediluvian race of fallen angels and/or giants casually mentioned in Genesis, still walk among us—ye shall know them by their Rh-negative blood. Others will list the “reptilian” physical characteristics Rh-negative folks possess, including extra vertebrae and lower-than-normal body temperature. Yet others want to talk about the AB-negative blood supposedly found on the Shroud of Turin. But two major sets of opportunistic cranks stand out, each armed with their own theories about Rh negativity.


Family surprise!

A few weeks ago, someone called my husband at work. He claimed to be my great grandfather's son. He is only 10 years older than me.

(My husband is a public figure so that is how he got my husband's work #. He got my husband's name from my dad's obituary)

So, my grandmother had a 1/2 brother with her father's second wife. Our parents never told us about this, but this guy knew my parents. This guy was 14 years younger than my mother.

My grandmother was born in 1911 and her brother was born in 1946.

Texas Democrats' biggest win on election night may have been the courts

Democrats flipped four major state appeals courts, toppling 19 incumbent Republican appellate judges.

by Emma Platoff Nov. 8, 201812 PM

It wasn’t Beto O’Rourke.

But in the sleepiest branch of government — the judiciary — Texas Democrats cleaned up on Election Day, flipping the four influential state appeals courts that serve Austin, Houston and Dallas. Democrats now hold majorities on seven of the state’s 14 appeals courts. Before Tuesday, they held seats on just three.

On a night of close margins and purple counties Texas’ minority party hailed as moral victories, these were major wins. The sweep has thrown off the balance of the state’s judiciary, which before Tuesday was the best example of Texas Republican hegemony. And it has teed up an ideological tension between newly Democratic courts of appeals and the state’s all-Republican high courts.

“This is a big, big, big win for us in Texas,” said Gilberto Hinojosa, chair of the Texas Democratic Party. “It’s one of the significant waves that we had.”

State appeals courts sit between Texas’ scores of trial courts and its two high courts. They are intermediate courts — meaning their papers get graded by the state’s two high courts, the Texas Supreme Court and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which remain fully in Republican hands.


What are we supposed to be protesting tomorrow:

Trump firing Sessions?

Sessions resigning?


Whitaker getting rid of Rosenstein?

Whitaker getting rid of Mueller?

I'm really confused: Right now Whitaker is acting director. Will he recuse himself from Russia? Will he fire Rosenstein? Will he fire Meuller?

What should my sign say? We have to have a message or people will just think we're some rag tag group gathered and won't pay any attention.

There needs to be an "action", but I don't know what it is.

Creepy Halloween Costume!



I reported a FB user to the FBI

He made the following comment on CBS News: Obama started all this and is getting the reaction he desires

I don't know if the FBI will even care.

He used what I believe to be his real name and had a location in South Dakota.

AOL removed their spam controls and 20 years worth of Spam flooded my inbox!!!

Well not exactly 20 years, but when I checked my email on Monday, it was full of Spam. When I went to my Spam controls they were gone.

The only reason I stayed with AOL for this long was because, "Only allow people from my address book" as an option. Everything else went into my Spam folder. This worked out great. I was on lists for oodles of politicians, but it didn't bother me because it went into my Spam folder. If I wanted to read a Liz Warren newsletter I could find it in my spam folder. If I didn't want to read it, it didn't clutter my inbox.

So now I will have to migrate to a new email. This is probably going to take several months. I will keep my AOL email as I transition etc. I downloaded a program called Mailwasher Pro to deal with my AOL spam and it is helping.

But just the thought of moving everything after 20 years is a bit overwhelming. From friends, to newsletters, to logins etc.

Fortunately, I've been sick this week, so I have the time to focus on this.

Everyone teased me about having an AOL address for years. I always countered with, "They've got the best Spam controls". Now I'm proof that AOL $ucks. With this business model, I think AOL is gonna go out of business pretty soon.

The winner of the PD lip sync challege is:

The competitions have been popping up on my FB feed:

These guys win!

<iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen


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