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No Vested Interest

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Hometown: Ohio
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Oct 15, 2012, 02:46 PM
Number of posts: 4,608

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It has been such a relief to not hear tweets repeated constantly on Tv, etc.

The silence is golden.
His tweets have been an irritant for 4+ years now.
Posted by No Vested Interest | Tue Jan 19, 2021, 03:55 AM (0 replies)

So sorry this happened to you today.

Perhaps try to keep her near you where you can keep an eye on the situation before too much happens.
Frankly, just as you do with a young child that you can't trust out of your sight.
Posted by No Vested Interest | Sun Jan 17, 2021, 09:13 PM (0 replies)

Covid in long-term care facility - what about viral load in rooms?

Daughter diagnosed with Covid. She had first dose of vaccine before Christmas, second vaccine the day before diagnosis.
She was taken to facility's Covid unit.
After one day, another patient was brought into her room as a roommate.
My concern is that the new person will increase the viral load and continually re-infect my daughter, causing her case to be more serious.
Daughter is 59, with many co-morbidities - diabetes, has had a heart attack, etc.
Are there any iniform or accepted practices re sharing a room with another Covid patient?
Posted by No Vested Interest | Fri Jan 15, 2021, 04:34 AM (3 replies)

The French word " speak", as in "parlez-vous francais", etc.

Posted by No Vested Interest | Fri Jan 8, 2021, 09:42 PM (0 replies)

I pray you're correct...

Son listens to him & such while driving a van to his various stops in his work.
This has poisoned his mind.
I compare it to the addiction to pornography.
Posted by No Vested Interest | Mon Jan 4, 2021, 06:55 PM (1 replies)

Beautiful and sweet traditions to have and to remember.

I have recently reconnected on Facebook with an acquaintance from employment; she was a convert to the Orthodox church nearly 40 years ago and appears to be very close to fellow members. I am sure this is a great consolation to her as we and she age. She frequently posts thoughts and prayers from Orthodoxy on her FB page, so I relate her thoughts with yours, Sprinkle - all good.
Posted by No Vested Interest | Sat Jan 2, 2021, 05:19 PM (0 replies)

When I was a child - 1940's- on Christmas Eve the kids went to bed at regular bedtime

and Santa (parents) then prepared the gifts under the tree. Thus no midnight Mass at that age.
Later, when college age and young adult went to Midnight Mass.
Now, way too tired to contemplate going out at that hour.
Posted by No Vested Interest | Fri Jan 1, 2021, 03:45 AM (1 replies)

As I recall, in RC tradition, Christmas Eve was a day of fast and abstinence.

Advent was also to be a time of denial re abstaining, etc.
It was not advocated as much as in Lent.
Posted by No Vested Interest | Thu Dec 31, 2020, 04:12 AM (2 replies)

There was a group of Trumpers out in the Oakley section of Cincinnati today

with flags, etc.
Posted by No Vested Interest | Mon Dec 28, 2020, 03:37 AM (1 replies)

That would be one in every one thousand Americans - in ten months - way too many....

Posted by No Vested Interest | Tue Dec 22, 2020, 10:33 PM (1 replies)
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