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politicaljunkie41910's Journal
politicaljunkie41910's Journal
October 31, 2014

Chris Matthews on Hardball talking about what happens if Blacks don't show up and the Dems lose

control of the Senate. Chris Matthews has been knocking the President for the past year and playing into the Rights' claims and criticisms against the President about the ACA website crapola, and that he's aloof, and stories about Reagan and Tip and how they were able to sit down for a drink in the evenings, as if this Congress is the Congress when Tip O'Neil was the Speaker of the House. If the Dems lose everything Nov 4, it will be their fault that they never learned to play HARDBALL like the GOP. The Dems never learned how to stick with one coherent message (even if you're wrong) the way the Rigthwingnut machine knows how to do. As the saying goes, if you repeat a lie enough times it becomes the truth. As someone mentioned here a few days ago, a couple of years ago, the GOP was on life support. But their constant running around screaming that the house was on fire while doing nothing concrete to shore up or reinforce the house, will return them to the leadership of both houses of Congress on Tuesday and the Dems will have no one to blame but themselves.

October 24, 2014

Someone needs to explain to Sarah Palin the definition of "Humiliation" and "Humility"

"It's rare for Sarah Palin to admit embarrassment, but she said on Thursday her family's drunken brawl in Alaska was downright humiliating.

The former GOP vice presidential nominee took to Facebook to finally address her family's involvement in a bloody, booze-fueled brawl that took place last month in Anchorage.

"What happened on the night in question wasn’t funny. It was humiliating and frightening," Palin wrote in her post. "My kids aren’t proud of what happened, nor are they seeking sympathy by playing the victim card – that’s why they haven’t commented on this for all these weeks." ..."


She then proceeds to show anything but "humility" while painting her family as "victims" in her ranting on Facebook, and then she links to daughter Bristol's rantings where the latter paints herself and her family as "humility-less" victims as well. They both also throw in a cheap shot at the Clintons in the process, and finish off their typical victimdom rantings with their usual shot taken at the 'lame stream media' for being so unfair to their family.

Note to Sarah and Bristol and the rest of your shameless family. If you really wanted to show that your family was humiliated and embarrassed by what happened in that street brawl a month ago, you would have issued a statement, preferably a month ago, in which you simply stated:

"My family and I are humiliated and embarrassed by what happened last night at a party. We all did a little too much celebrating and as a result, things got out of control. Signed, Sarah Palin. THE END.
August 1, 2014

Erik Cantor to 'resign early'. Wants special election.

He said on the night of the election that he was leaving early so this comes as no surprise. However I think it is pure irony and sheer chutzpa that one of the founding fathers of the DO NOTHING CONGRESS Taxed Enough Already Division wants a special election at additional tax payer expense to appoint someone to his seat. It's not like they are going to do anything between now and the end of the congressional term so what's the rush to appoint another possibly member to the Do Nothing Club.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — After a surprise primary election loss, U.S. Rep. Eric Cantor will resign his seat in the House of Representatives months earlier than expected.

The congressman will step down Aug. 18 and ask Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe to call a special election to enable his successor to take office immediately, Cantor spokesman Doug Heye said Friday.

Hours after stepping down as House majority leader Thursday, Cantor told the Richmond Times-Dispatch (http://bit.ly/1puQVLX) he would step down instead of serving his full term, which would have ended in January.

Cantor told the newspaper a special election would give the winner seniority rather than waiting until January to take office with the new Congress. ...


July 10, 2014

The difference between Dems and Repugs. They have to make crap up to be outraged about.

Raising the debt ceiling, the Deficit, Obamacare, Obama taking away their guns, trading 5 senior citizen members of Al Qaeda for 1 American POW, the IRS cracking down on 501(c)(3) abuses, Obama not pursuing illegal immigration in spite of the fact that he's deported more illegal immigrants, that all his predecessors, and of course Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.

When their guy is in the WH, we don't have to make stuff up to be outraged about. They give us more than we can ever imagine.

I guess the GOP has become the equivalent of the proverbial 'soccer player feigning injury' in order to get a penalty, whether or not it makes them look like idiots.

July 2, 2014

We don't have to impeach SCOTUS, just hold them to the same standard

as other federal judges are held to. This means that SCOTUS members couldn't be taking all expense paid trips and speaking honoraria from Koch Brothers type political activist organizations for speaking to their politically activists groups on how to thwart the law and get your bogus politically activist case heard before the SCOTUS. SCOTUS members deciding for themselves whether or not they should recuse themselves from cases in which they have a conflict of interest without any fear recourse for failure to do so.

July 1, 2014

This recently declared 'war on contraceptives' which took hold in the last presidential election

has everything to do with the fact that since the mid 60s white women have been going to college, getting educated, and having fewer babies which is the reason that the white people in America are in danger of becoming a minority race in America. In recognition of this fact, rightwingers in the GOP had to come up with a method of forcing white women to start having babies again so that they could try and save themselves as a race of people in a country who is becoming more brown by the day.

This is why the assault on Planned Parenthood, the closing of abortion clinics, and finally, the push to ban contraceptives. This is all part of a much broader plan to save America's white race majority, not a bunch of isolated incidents.

June 25, 2014

Some observations about Sarah Palin

She certainly is looking bad on her most recent Fox interview. She never was coherent but at least she used to be eye candy for those repressed GOPers. Not any more.

Two observations:

1. Her hair looks like she's wearing either a very bad wig, or she's trying to grow dreads.

2. Her Star of David necklaces are getting bigger and bigger. Gotta love it.


June 18, 2014

Is this what the apocalypse looks like?

First came Pat Robertson for the Bushies.

Then Glen Beck jumped on the bashing Bush train and said that the liberals were right and he was wrong.

Now the Drudge Report is posting articles which bash Hobby Lobby and says that they're anything but a Christian organization,

and the Supreme Court makes a ruling that goes against the NRA.

and Pope Francis is nowhere to be seen????

Lord help us all.

I think Liz and Dick picked the wrong day to launch their Save America PAC. They may need to take cover themselves.

June 12, 2014

I'm ready to give up on MSNBC and the lame stream media altogether.

While trying my best to tolerate Chris Matthews this evening on Hardball, I was reminded of the following Will Rogers quote:

"I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat."

Chris Matthews has really become annoying to me lately where I'm finally ready to tune the entire media out. He starts his show this evening with his guests Chuck Todd and Howard Fineman discussing the unanticipated demise of Eric Cantor and what it means. After the usual rehashing from Todd and Howard the same thing that had been bantered about since last evening, Chris Matthews concluded that, he thinks it means that the electorate has anti-incumbant fever and that the politicians have not done enough to get anything done in Washington and all of them had better be concerned.

What Chris and Todd and Howard failed to mention is that one party and one party alone has been responsible for the 'obstructionist fever' which has plagued Washington DC since President Obama took office. I read a post here on DU earlier today, (but can't find it now even though there are several others) which linked to an article, (I believe it was the Washington Post dating back to Jan 2009) that described the GOP meeting that Eric Cantor was instrumental in helping to orchestrate which established the roadmap by which the GOP would seek to make sure that they obstructed every single effort that this President and the Democratic Congress attempted following the 2008 election; to include every bill, every piece of legislation, etc. etc. etc. And they lived up to their plan.

I have been interested in politics since elementary school when we were required to read the newspaper every evening in the 4th grade and be prepare to report on a current event the next day. You didn't always get called upon, but you had to be prepared in case you were, to be able to recite one international newsworthy event, one national event, and one local event. I participated on a debating team in Junior High and in High School.

I cannot recall another period in my lifetime over the past 50 some odd years, a time when our nation was facing a major crisis, (in this case the financial meltdown) and where one candidate had won by a landslide, and the minority party was plotting its comeback on a vision of driving the nation over a cliff. The Dems never behaved like this after they took a beating at the polls.

I'm tired of the lazy ass media with their "both party's are to blame" and "should be worried about an anti-incumbant revolt". Until MSNBC gets some political commentators on their network who are willing to call the spades "a spade" I'll pass on their programming. I hope when historians write about the demise of the main stream media in the future, and I'm sure that they will, I hope that they will be truthful in reporting that the media was too lazy and too busy chasing stardom and book deals to report on the real revolution that was taking place in the post 2008 election era and who the real terrorists were who were trying to destroy this country.

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