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politicaljunkie41910's Journal
politicaljunkie41910's Journal
November 15, 2015

Win or Lose, Trump has changed how presidential races are run for the rest of my lifetime.

Thank you lame stream media. No longer does a candidate have to have any clearly articulated policies he/she proposes to enact. No longer does a candidate have to have any experience for the most important job in the country. Six months ago we were worried that Citizens United was the worse thing to happen to our election process. Now we have a billionaire Bag of Gas who the media will give unlimited free time to regurgitate whatever nonsense he sees fit, without any political consequences.

Whatever happens in 2016, the blueprint has already been written for 2020. Though the media will feign surprise when every election cycle from here on out will spawn a new generation of Trumps-lite and Carsons-lite, the media will have no one to blame but themselves. Trump can, and does go on any station in the largest, most expensive media markets, for hours at a time and say anything no matter how ridiculous, because ratings matter more than substance when picking the leader of the free world and don't think that the Cruz-lites', Rubio-lites' and regrettably, some Democrats-lite are not watching and learning from it. Elections in America are forever changed.

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