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politicaljunkie41910's Journal
politicaljunkie41910's Journal
July 10, 2015

Is it just me, or is Donald Trump the Sarah Palin of 2016?

I was listening to Trumps interview with the lady from NBC the other day and I thought to myself, how much the Donald reminds me of the ever perpetual might be running Sarah Palin. Even down to the word salad speeches. Trump just throws out things and rarely completes a though before just changing the topic mid sentence (or paragraph that is) since he rarely finishes a thought. Also, I was surprised when the interviewer called him out for not having been campaigning in Iowa or New Hampshire with the other candidates and he said that he didn't need to because he got all the media attention without being there.

I was also amazed at how fact-less Trump is and how he turns on the interviewer or dodges the issue when he gets called out on it. While Trump may know the hotel business, he appears to know nothing except that Hillary is the worse Sec of State in the nation's history, or fails to discuss what his solution would be for the mess in the middle east, other than to say that he's not going to tell us what he would do to fix the mess, except that he is going to build a fence at the border and make Mexico pay for it. When he is told that that there are more people returning to Mexico the past several years than coming from Mexico, or that the crime rates in border towns, is less than in other areas, or that immigrants commit crimes at a lesser rate than non-immigrants, he just shshhs the poor woman and tells her she is delusional if she believes that.

Like Sarah, I can't believe that, should the Donald get the republican nomination, he would "study" up on any foreign policy or other facts that a would be candidate should know because he thinks he can wing it, as Palin thought she could. He could never be president because frankly, he'd be bored with the role after 5 minutes because it's actually work and in spite of what he thinks, there are two other branches of government he would have to work with, and can't fire at will. Trump is the proverbial born on 3rd base, and acts as if he hit a home run. He inherited a bunch of prime NY real estate which he proceeded to mortgage to the hilt. He is not a "pulled myself up by the bootstrap" type of person. He might be able to run a bunch of hotels, (and I'm even hesitant to give him that much credit since he always seems to have one foot in the door and one in the bankrupcy court) but he knows nothing about diplomacy, and I certainly would not trust him anywhere near the guy with the nuclear codes.

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