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libdem4life's Journal
libdem4life's Journal
July 27, 2015

Well,I'm posting the first four letter word that came to minf

B A R F. OK, maybe it was the second one..

July 12, 2015

Oh come on, it's obvious. Himself. And he'll probably tuck the Secretary of State

in there, too, because he already knows all the answers. Hell, he'd be bored.

April 11, 2015

Camera Fundraiser for Oakland


Civilians trained to use weapon all have ... cell phone. Please pass it on.


In August 2014 during the days following the murder of Mike Brown, a member of WeCopwatch flew out to Ferguson from Oakland, California. Amidst teargas and live fire, WeCopwatch and residents of Ferguson would fundraise over $1000 to get cameras into the hands of the community.
April 5, 2015

Kind of like "Here we go again.", but honestly I don't think many who use the words

has a clue to the item it refers to and that it is absolutely sexist and not worthy of the 21st Century lexicon of terms. I'm going to educate folks, from here on out, when it's used because we here at DU are better than that.

And I thank you for your support

(Personally, I like cretin and troglodyte. Cretin is easier to spell, but everything takes practice.)

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