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Member since: Mon Oct 22, 2012, 10:58 PM
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Remember when the debt ceiling used to be a pro forma process?

Nobody remembers that because it was a pro forma process. The the same thing with the certification of the electoral college. Nobody remembers the certification because it was a pro forma process.

Everyone should understand; the GOP turned the debt ceiling into a hostage negotiation and nobody should be surprised when the GOP turns the electoral college certification as a hostage negotiation at the very least and quite possibly as a future coup attempt.

Trump is right, we have turned a corner on the virus...

...and we went the wrong way. The Trump White House is now a vector of infection. Who would have thought?

Run on Overturning the Stupid OLC Memo

Appoint an Attorney General who will overturn the ridiculous OLC memo that a sitting president cannot be charged with a crime. 

It’s a winner.  Let Trump and the Republicans defend why a president is above the law. 

Doing so highlights the corruption at the heart of Trump and Republicans.  It would be an applause line and a motivating factor for Democratic voters.  Pledge to appoint an attorney general that will work to overturn this stupid rule that has allowed corrupt Republican presidents from meeting justice at least 3 times now.  In fact this should be  litmus test for all Attorney General nominees.  
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