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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 10,527

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Not Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

M 57 grenades, glass packed home made claymore mines, and home built IED devices.

Not exactly like having Ward Cleaver, Sanford and Son, or Chico and the Man leaving next door. Sheesh.

Explain how this guy isn't a terrorist. Stop. I know the answer.


Idiot Jindal Utters The Impossible...

says to RETHUGS don't be the stupid party. Good luck with that.

This is from an ass clown who, a couple of days ago, wanted to cancel medicaid for hospice patients in Louisiana. Not even Arizona would go there.


Semi-Intelligent Design

Missouri legislators are attempting to make intelligent design taught coequally with science classes in Missouri. The fact that Intelligent Design can't explain: most IKEA products, the ford Pinto, silent letters in language, ice hockey in the south, and programming instructions for old VCRS is left unexplained.


Stay Pregnant After Rape Because the Fetus Is Evidence In Criminal Prosecution


If that, why not: leave bullets in bodies because removing them might damage the evidence, same for knives, arrows, don't treat burns on arson victims because evidence will be tampered with, leave the gravel in bodies of survivors after they've been hurt by a reckless driver, leave the windshield glass in the face of a drunk driving victim.

Can't mess with the evidence you know.

Nope, no war on women here.

Thank goodness New Mexico has a Democratic Legislature.


Clinton Testimony is All About 2016 and TV Ads

The Thugs wanted to capture on film the words "4 American deaths and I am responsible" on film. Rove and his trolls are already editing the lengthy testimony to put those words together in a mendacious future presidential add. Book it.

On Faux news she was called testy, if it was man it would have been spirited.

Inaugural Scene I Would Have Liked to Have Seen

Setting: President Obama at the podium, next to him an empty chair:

President Obama: I have in this chair Mitt Rmoney, but he's not here....(add remarks here)

1. Are you enjoying putting Refalca in the car elevator?

2. Which house do you spend 47 percent of your time in?

3. Do you still have that dog car top carrier?

4. Still putting together those binders full of women?

5. Any of your five sons joined the military yet? Thought not.

6. That Jeep you drive, it was built here you know.

7. Getting on with your life, please proceed.

No Way To Carry a Weapon

This story might halt the rush to gun stores, or maybe start a rush on holsters.

No way to get your rocks off.


Rmoney's World

This article is outstanding: imagine all the things discussed here times 10--that would be our world if Rmoney had been elected yesterday.

Butlers in the penthouse suite of a hospital, no health care for millions. Yep. R$'s world.


12 Most Dangerous Words In The English Language

Idiot Reagan was wrong, the most dangerous words are: We are from Wall Street, and we can privatize your Social Security.

Waited Many Years For This Headline


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