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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 9,138

Journal Archives

Drump sniffling has started again.

Drumpt is now a kamikaze attacker on the Good Ship Democracy.

Drumpt is going scorched earth. Targets are, well, everyone. n/t

Drumpt Shat the Bed During the Primaries

Now, the Reich Wing is either fleeing the disgusting bed (McCain) or clinging to the soiled bedding while holding their nose (Giuliani).
Oh, one other option. Ryan has one foot in the crap trying to decide. What a leader!

Skeletor Giuliani Word Salad on the Morning Shows

Confession....absolved....Hillary...Drumpt....changed....both candidates flawed....Russia hacks...who knows...apalling...Hillary....daughters...Billl....bring him up...debate...don't bring him up....war room....Christie brought his shine box. OK, not the last one.

What would it take for Ryan not to endorse Drump any longer?

Make vulgar statements about Ayn Rand.

Captain Renault Clears the GOP Room After Drumpts Latest Comments

Rethugs are shocked, shocked that Drumpt is misogynistic, film flam artist.

Matthews says Pence won. WTF was tweety watching. He's still mesmerized by Shrub's codpiece strut.

If tRumpt is a genius on Taxes...

Release the returns and prove it.

My profound thanks to the "Deep Throat" of Drumpt's Tax Records. n/t

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