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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 10,496

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To the memory of the fallen Marines at Belleau Wood

The Teufelhunde will always be remembered!

From a truly grateful Army Ranger.

Players who hold the record for home runs in their first 3 seasons.

Ralph Kiner and Albert Pujols both with 114.

More than 30 years ago I hired

a taxi to take me around to some of the battlefields of WW1 in France that Americans fought in. I will always remember how revered the French taxi driver held the fallen Americans.

Given Shitler’s disgraceful behavior, that memory of 30 years ago, is especially important to me today.

Belleau Wood


A very brief description of the battle brave Americans fought 100 years ago. 10,000 U.S. casualties.

Drumpt couldn't bother to honor these fallen heroes because his hair would melt.

Everyday is a new low.

It seems so outrageous just checking to be sure.

Is it confirmed by a reputable News Source that Shitler passed on the WW1 commemoration today because of rain?

Sister Mary was very happy

to receive a letter from home that included a ten dollar bill. As it happened, when she received the letter, she looked out the convent window and saw a shabbily dressed man standing on the corner. She made a decision right then. She wrote on a piece of paper, "Don't despair, Sister Mary," and wrapped the paper with the ten dollar bill and threw it out the window.

The stranger picked up the paper, with a puzzled look on his face, tipped his hat walked off down the street.

The next day Sister Mary was told a man was at the door wanting to see her. She went to the door and the stranger from the other day was standing there. Without a word he handed her a roll of bills. What's this the Sister asked?

The stranger said, "That's the 60 bucks you have coming. Don't Despair paid five to one."

Shitler lands in France and has immediate conflict with Macron.



"We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America," Macron said.

Drumpt's twitter response I can't even post because it makes me retch.

This is what Drumpt has created. The Europeans need to create their own armed alliance to protect themselves against the U.S.

A cowboy was discussing the intelligence of his horse

He told his fellow cowboy. My horse knows physics, history, biology, and political science. But my horse doesn't understand philosophy. The other cowboy asked why not?

The first cowboy said because "you can't put Descartes before the horse."

Player with most career hits without a 200 hit season?

Carl Yastrzemski
Career hits 3419
Most hits in a season-1962 with 191.

Eddie Murray is second.
Career hits-3255
Most hits in a season-1980 with 186.

At the protect Mueller rally in Phoenix!

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