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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
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Rubio: 9/11 Attacks are part of God's Plan for the Universe

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio thinks the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and the recent massacre in Paris were part of Godís plan.

Speaking at a campaign rally last Monday in Iowa, the Florida senator said Christians should never be afraid because God was in control of the universe, the Christian Post reported.

I'm afraid this guy could launch a nuclear attack and say it was all part of the plan. We are still a year away from the election, how far can the crazy go?

The Reich Wing have Weaponized Hatred

Weíve reached a tipping point in Americaís political discourse. The shooting at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood facility is merely the latest in an increasingly alarming series of tragedies connected to political issues, each of which has been notably distorted by conservatives ó or in the case of the Planned Parenthood shooting, almost completely ignored ó throughout the past year and beyond. So far, attacks have occurred in relation to the following: immigration, Muslims inside the U.S., reproductive rights, LGBT equality and racial justice.

As far-right propaganda grows louder and increasingly divorced from objective reality, it seems as if incidents of violence have escalated accordingly. While there might not be a direct one-to-one correlation, itís obvious to anyone paying attention that the GOPís eliminationist rhetoric, intentionally or not, serves to inflame those who are already prone to radicalism and violence.

The Reich Wing echo chamber has finally let the repug crazies off the leash, and as a result, made the entire country a potential shooting gallery supporting their outright dangerous policies.
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