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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 9,143

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I am sick of the Rethug line how a single vote was not changed by Russian interference

Imagine two boxers: Boxer A and Boxer B.

Along ring side there are three judges.

Prior to the fight there is a massive campaign by gambling interests to support Boxer B over A. The campaign consists of saying how Boxer A is known cheat, will juice their gloves, use illegal substances, has the local ring organization in their pocket, and Boxer A's corner man is a known crook.

Now imagine that a week before the fight a mysterious story circulates how Boxer A's prior prior fights were put a up jobs, but three days before the fight no evidence is found to support the allegation.

Now imagine the fight takes place but it's not a knockout and is scored on points.

Now tell me the 2 out of the 3 judges wouldn't give a break to Boxer B.

Boxer B is Ivan Drago.

Thankful for clean water today and everyday.

Humor for the evening

There was once an anonymous meeting for people addicted to plastic surgery. The opening remark by the speaker was "I'm disappointed to see so many new faces here tonight."

GOP Gropperpcare is the true Death Panel for the poor.

Don't expect to hear from Palin though.

Humor for the Day

Bill: Hey Dracula, you got something in your teeth.

Dracula: Here?

Bill: No.

Dracula: Here?

Bill: No. Got look in a mir...


Drumpt and Spicer throw a flaming bag of political dog shit

on the porch of our democracy. Now, watching it burn and stink up the joint, they say they will no longer comment on said bag of dog shit.

About what you expect from Putin's boot lickers.

President Obama already had enough threats against him.

Orange Twitler in his accusations against President Obama has further inflamed the Reich Wing mob. I hope the President's security's team is doubled and on the ball.

My concern is this.

Drumpt has decided that diversion by accusation of wire tapping by President Obama is the way to get Russia collusion off the front pages. If that doesn't work for him he only has one place to go.

Start a war, somewhere. Anywhere.

I confess. I met with a Russian last night.

His name was Stolichnaya Vodka. I disclosed the following State secrets:

Babe Ruth is more than a candy bar.

Dr. Seuss never obtained his medical license.

At this point, I would settle for Palin.

At least she admitted to seeing Russia, and by implication, Russians from her house.
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