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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 10,491

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Given Drumpt's current speech Faux News propaganda will

be "you criticize Trump, do you hate the troops?"

With the pardon of traitor Scooter

Drumpt demonstrates what he believes is his ace in the hole. Pardon Power. For his fellow traitors and himself. Thatís why he will NEVER resign despite mounting allegations.

Never trust an olive.

Paul "Ayn Rand" Ryan flees Congress

having looted the treasury and enabled a shit-flinging lunatic to remain in office. Now that he is "free" of any voter recall expect an all out Randian assault on SS and Medicare during his last zombie months in office.

Drumpt National Security Motto

Twitter loudly and eat a Big Mac!

If Drumpt was President and Twitter existed April 18, 1942

Japan. We have very secret plans. We are launching bombers from an aircraft carrier. Thought it couldn't be done. Drumpt made it happen. On the way now led by brave Doolittle. You're not prepared for my genius. Sad!

I think it is likely there will be a simultaneous

firing of Mueller and Rosenstein and large scale missile attack on Syria. Drumpt will pull out the playbook if you attack me you hate the troops in a time of conflict.

Old playbook, but effective with the zombie and near-zombie voters of America.

Watching Drumpt babble and rant on teevee I have to figure that either

Rosenstein or Mueller, or both are fired by tomorrow.

Aspects of life recommended to avoid.

Finding out you bought a car that was ruined by flood.

60 Minutes is waiting on your porch.

The lifted truck with the Confederate Flag is your new neighbor.

In the emergency room with kidney stones with FAUX news blaring on every screen.

The FBI just raided your lawyer's office.


Currently has more homers than Aaron Judge and more strikeouts pitching then Max Scherzer.
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