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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 8,820

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Is it more likely our war time president

visits the troops in the ERs before he ventures onto a golf course (if he hasn't already)?

Rhetorical only.

When Biden gets elected

he will inherent a pandemic, an economy in ruins, out of control national debt, a broke health care system, a judiciary infected with reich wing trump stooges, a whip lashed military chain of command, a world who views the U.S. as an isolated ignoramus, a Faux news propaganda network, and likely, an ex-president tweeting and rooting for his failure from day one (unless he's in jail).

In other words, it's the usual circumstance when a Democratic president has to clean up the shitstorm caused by a Republican.

Time to roll up the sleeves.

On this date in 1974

Hammering Hank set the new HR record.

I remember it well.

Name the most memorable/greatest player you saw in his prime in person put on a show.

I would have to say it was Nolan Ryan. I think he struck out 15 or 16 the night I saw him.

Batters were looking back in the dugout with the face screaming how fast can I sit down look.

Read: Passing it on, April distance, brings May existence, and

November resistance.

Survive to vote.

Al Kaline has passed.

One of the few MLB players who went directly from high school to the majors without EVER playing in the minors.

A class act and great ball player.

Hunger Games Between the States

Given the fact the Shitgibbon has given up any pretense of a coordinated federal response to this virus I realized we have returned to our initial governmental structure of the Articles of Confederation. Only now there are not 13 competing states, but 50.

Let's party like it's 1777. Here's a link:


Who could have predicted!!!!


I think Shitler was too busy firing Comey to read this.

Every once in a while I post

how thankful I am for clean water. Now more than ever.

You need one pitcher to get one out against a great hitter. You are the manager of the

team and you can pick any pitcher from any era. You get the out, you win the World Series. Who do you pick?

I go with Bob Gipson. He had unbelievable stuff, and was tough competitor and man who ever played baseball. I hand him the ball with confidence.
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