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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 10,491

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I've always known it, but it's clear now that treasonous Drumpt and his

Putin boot licking supporters prefer death of our country before the election of HRC. As a Veteran I couldn't be more pissed, or more ashamed, for where our country has found itself.

Flake endorsed the Cruz solution for Health Care.

So, he has decided to eliminate pre-existing condition protection for AZ residents.

Fuck him and his Reich Wing supporters.


One of my biggest health care fears.

Pass out somewhere. Good Samaritans call an ambulance. You wake up after 4 days later in a ward alive, but hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

Hospital as debtor's prison.

Someone should suggest to Kobach that

Drumpt should surrender his taxes before asking for any voter information.

Humor for the Day

Why does a pirate never answer his phone?

Because it's always off the hook!!

Pre-cellphone humor.

Drumpt Administration mixes up the names for China and Taiwan.


White House Confuses Taiwan And China In Painful G20 Press Release Blunder

I fear for the country of Turkey on Thanksgiving.

If aliens appeared and decreed you can listen to one song, and one song only,

for the rest of your life. What would you choose? Here's mine:

Here's mine:

Drumpt Reelection Strategy is Clear

1. Announce now. Campaign for the next 4 years. Check
2. Start collecting money now. Check
3. All laws passed to keep his 38-40% of crazies in camp. Check.
4. Get his Russian Judge on the court. Check.
5. Get phony commission to suppress votes. Get Russian Judge to support it if necessary. See above. Check
6. Keep country in perpetual state of catastrophic war (NK or Iran). check
7. Meet with Russians to coordinate election interference. Check (today).
8. Intimidate and remove MSM from interfering with his goals. Check
9. Use twitter to whip up Flash Trump Mobs as we get closer to the election. Upcoming.
10. Start war in the event of a Special Counsel ruling against him. Upcoming, possibly.

Who is the only player in MLB History to play 500 games each at 5 different positions?

Pete Rose: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, LF, and RF.

When the Russian/American meeting is over tomorrow does Drumpt run

out to a news conference waving papers overhead saying we have Covfefe in our time?
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