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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 10,524

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It's still amazing to me to live in a place where it is routinely over 100, and even 110 degrees,

and I can enter a store and purchase ice.

New Trump Treason/Putin Meeting Agenda for the Fall

Drumpt finalizes agreement to return Alaska to Russia.

Putin upgrades the listening equipment in Oval that was installed when Russian officials last visited.

Drumpt turns over Nuclear football in exchange a Russian nesting doll.

Putin gets his shoes shined.

Treason Trumpt's future Library Location

The library of any still running Gulag.

I know Putin's Poodle doesn't read, but it would be there for all the American Patriots he renditions to the Russians.

Ichiro Suzuki

In 2004 he broke the MLB record with 262 hits.

Of those 262 hits 225 were singles.

After the yawn by the Rethugs to Putin's poodle traitorous behavior it

is clear that, for the Reich Wing, the country's true enemies remain unchanged. They are:

Hillary Clinton
President Obama
The Affordable Care Act
Anybody opposed to tax cuts.
Nancy Pelosi

And Rethug Enemy No. 1--Bob Mueller

What's the over/under for the number of WH officials who resign over Drumpt treason?

Is there a number for less than zero.

Lou Gehrig

Holds the all-time record for the ratio of home runs to strikeouts in a season.

1934. 49 Home runs/31 strikeouts.


Joe DiMaggio is second in 1941 at +17 at 30/13.

Adlai Stevenson confronts Russia during Cuban Missile Crisis at the UN.

This is how it's done when you are not a traitor.


Ex rethug Senator Hagel/Sec. Def.

“President Trump failed America today.”

Given Drumpt has gone The Full Monty

on treason, my guess is his next move is to fire Mueller.
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