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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,306

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Dumb-Ass Jan Brewer Tea Bag Puppet Governor in Arizona

This link shows Governor Dumb-ass Brewer saying the warming temperatures on the planet are caused by other things. Watch till the end where she forgets the camera is still on. Priceless.

The hits just keep on coming, this week she refused to set up Health Care Exchanges in Arizona.

She is a miserable teabagging waste of epidermis.


Dog Crap Teabagger Message

The other day I was waiting at a crosswalk and passed the time by reading the numerous offensive bumper stickers on a Teabagger SUV idling a lane over. It was the usual Kenyan, fascist, socialist, gun-taking, communist, rmoney, crap you see all the time in my Red State. After I got the sign to walk I immediately stepped in a pile of dog shit. Although these offensive messages usually motivate me to action, I think the universe had translated the figurative to the literal for me in two easy steps. It was also a reminder to me to keep my eyes off of the teabagger gutter and on the reality based gutter.

Negotiations With Boner's Party

Given Boner and his merry band of Teabaggers are willing to fiscally burn down our country to the benefit of the gilded gated one percent doesn't that discussion with Boner run a foul of our national policy not to negotiate with terrorists? Just wondering.

Graham and McCain Over The TOP Hypocrisy

Graham and McCain supported the criminally incompetent C. Rice for secretary of state back during the Shrub years. She, who refused to listen to intelligence officials in July of 2001 about an impending terrorist attack. She, who lied to us about mushroom clouds and WMDs and lied us into a war. All of her incompetence leading to tens of thousands of deaths combined between 9-11 and the Iraq War.

Now they oppose the possible nominee put forth by President Obama. You can't make this stuff up.

These two gasbags make me physically ill.

Note 10th paragraph of the following article:


Negotiating With Ourselves

Social Security and Medicare on the table!! Why? Let the Shrub's Tax Bonanza expire. Send a new bill to Congress on January 1, 2013 reinstating the low rates for the middle-class and poor. Let the Teabaggers and Boner fight that.

On Social Security and Medicare don't let Democrats decrease them. If we do, the rethugs will use those cuts against us in 2014.

Lindsey Graham Cracker

He wants "entitlements" on the table. Is anybody else tired of Graham Cracker, the Senator from the State that fired the first shots in the Civil War, declaring war on programs that impact minorities, women, and the poor disproportionately.


Red State Response to Questions About My Hat

I am waiting to be asked how long I have worn my oil stained baseball cap. Why? So I can respond by saying, "I don't know man, I'm not a scientist."
Also works for age of house, children, in-laws, dog, baseball glove, mentos in glove compartment, and pizza in the back of the frig.

The Red State scientific method, where ignorance is not only bliss, but required.

Full of B.S. in Arizona

Between McCain backing away from his bogus comments on Benghazi, and the following article from the past on our lame duck Senator "it's not meant to be a factual statement Kyl", you learn what Arizona Democrats know, ARIZONA SENATORS ARE FULL OF SHIT, INCLUDING THE INCOMING NUTCASE JEFF FLAKE.


Sick of the Phrase "Walk Back"

Apparently Boner made some conciliatory remarks about the Affordable Care Act right after the election. Now that he wants that act on the table as part of fiscal cliff negotiations subsequently, he had to "walk back" his previous remarks. Let's take a stroll down all the things Boner and his thugs would like to "walk back."

1. The right to organize as a union

2. Reproductive health rights for women.

3. Equality to serve in the military or be married.

4. Public school funding.

5. Bank regulation.

6. Environmental protection.

7. Any scientific fact that clashes with religious nuts.

8. The Voting Rights Act.

These are just on the tip of my tongue. Anybody have more things Boner and the teaparty zombies want to walk back?

Election Night Conversation

On election night I spent it with like-minded political friends. In one of our discussions I mentioned that I hated Rmoney and everything he stood for. My friend was taken aback by this and asked if I really hated him. Upon reflection, two weeks later, I can answer I still absolutely hate the guy. He reminds of unearned privilege, he smacks of rampart hypocrisy, narrow paternalism, overbearing religious dogma, and two loathsome s's--smug and smirk.

I still hate him, but will think of him no more. He is a loser footnote in history. I don't hate that.
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