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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,306

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Just watched a hard hitting...

analysis by NBC news of the many "failings" of the Affordable Care Act, especially the web site.

That news segment reminded me of the penetrating analysis and devotion to detail NBC news dedicated to the run up to the Iraq War.

"Computer glitches" versus...

millions of people with pre-existing conditions.

Computer glitches=fixable.

Pre-existing conditions not being covered by ruthless insurance companies in the past=not fixable.

Hey media, perspective please.

I know, too much to ask.

Stenographer removed from house floor during vote


Before I read the article I thought they talking about Chuck Toad yelling "both sides did it."

My bad.

GOP Suicide Bombers Strategy

As it appears the Teabaggers will allow the country to default they are not playing poker, but chess:

1. Completely wreck the economy using Debt Ceiling as the Neutron Bomb which will kill everybody financially accept the one percent. Yes-it may hurt them but they will be insulated by their millions (billions), and insider information. Oh, and blame the guy in the White House--he's not reasonable you know.

2. Use the case before the Supreme this week to lift the number of candidates a person can contribute to and maybe even the limit on what a person can contribute to each candidate individually. Hi-ho Koch brothers. 2012 will be nothing by comparison.

3. Rev up the crazies so they begin the ground game early in 2014 to both get out the vote, and test out how their voter restrictions work by poll monitoring aggressively. Teabaggers will refine these restrictions once they see the results of the mid-term elections and be prepared for 2016. One of the reasons the Bagger states immediately implemented those restrictive laws was to clear the decks through the Supreme Court now so they will be locked in by 2016. Although right now these restrictions are mainly in red states they are the canaries in the coal mine. If these laws pass muster look for other states to follow suit if they have Rethug governors.

They are playing the long game. Oh, and those current dismal GOP poll numbers, gerrymandering of Rethug districts makes the current GOP poll numbers irrelevant.

Advice to Boner



GOP activists to John Boehner: Donít cave

GOP activists also advise: Titanic Captain full speed ahead, Steve you can't build that fangled puter machine in a garage, hey Coyote ACME products will eventually work, Rmoney the polls lie-that 47 percent thing is no biggee, and the wheel is over-rated.

Boner of Orange, please proceed.

Teabagger Hostage Logic

Let's see. Teabaggers take the Debt Ceiling hostage to force Obama to cave. When asked about their hostage, Teabaggers say crashing the debt ceiling is no big deal so don't worry about it. Soooo, value of the hostage is.........never mind.


Ryan, the marathon liar, speaks, or maybe pleads


Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican chairman of the House Budget Committee, "said something to the effect of, 'Look, we know you don't like our position, we know you probably don't respect our position, but we're the Republican majority," CNN correspondent John King reported Friday on CNN's "New Day."
"'You're stuck with us for a while, at least through the next election season, so we need to learn to have a conversation with each other.'"

Conversation. Ahh, no. Actually, we despise you. Why? Because rethugs are anti-women, anti-minority, pro-poverty, ass kissing industry sucking, anti-education bunch of Koch brother zombies determined to destroy the country for your masters of the one percent.

So, Eddie Munster return to your still opened House Gym and work on....let's see...your fucking resume and put on the top of it: shut government down, made lives miserable for millions, and was told to go pound sand.

Koch Roaches scurry for the corner


As the government shutdown moved into the ninth day on Wednesday, even conservative billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch appeared to be abandoning Republican lawmakers who were trying to use the tactic to derail the presidentís health care law.

The Koch Roaches run when the light is turned on.

Teabag full of flaming dog crap

Teabaggers lit their shitty selves on fire and threw said bag on the porches of Congress and the White House. These flaming bags of crap then expected the Dems to put the fire out and subsequently, shitty their pants and shoes. Sorry, Boner you have to do the stomp and get shitty. Wipe that dog shit off your wing tips with one of Cruz' ties.

Yep, the full crazy is on


We talked to Tea Party stalwarts last night, and tried to make our best arguments. "Don't you realize the Republicans could lose the House in 2014?" We don't care, they said. "Don't you worry about a catastrophic reaction in the financial markets?" We don't care, they said. "Don't you worry that the Democrats will aggressively play the Social Security card with seniors?" We don't care, they said.

The true movie would be called, "Frankenteabagger Strangles His Creator."

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