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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,096

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WSJ says government spending cuts hurt economic growth...no really

WSJ quote in article:

The U.S. economy grew slightly in the fourth quarter of 2012—a reversal from an initial report of contraction—but the meager showing underscored that government spending cuts are slowing the recovery's momentum.

Gubermint helps spur growth, or so writes the lobster wrap of the perfumed princes of purloined pennies.

Apparently, not even the Wall Street Bankers can penetrate the tin foil dome inhabited by Tea Baggers.


Are Republican Brains Different?


Article says Democrats consider the feelings and thoughts of others when evaluating risking decisions.

Republicans base their decisions on fear.

Number of subjects studied was small: 83

Better Validation:

Obama's 2012 Campaign Slogan-"Forward" versus

Rmoney's 2012 Campaign Slogan (closest I could find) "Washington is Broken"

Jesse Jackson's Keep Hope Alive versus:

Bush's fear fandango of color alerts to keep the population cowed.

How were these guys not charged with treason?

Whistle blower gets fired.

Cops who threaten to kill the President, get fired, and now are applying to get their jobs back.

I worry about the President everyday.


Steps to Citizenship in Obama Immigration Proposal


Americans, you're ignorant...

opines the Herman the 9-9-9, CEO of ubeki-ubeki-ubeki-stan-stan.

Message brought to you by Godawfulfathers Pizza.


Racist GOP Tea Party Leader In Montana

Tear a tea bag and racist leaves fall out.

Yet another example of why the teabagging neanderthals have to be voted out of office.


McCain Meets the Crazies in the AZ (look on his face is priceless)

Trying to sell his immigration plan to Tea Bagger Crazies in Arizona.

McCain set upon by some his Palin inspired Zombies.

Didn't get the Meet the McCain treatment from this audience.

Probably wishing there were a few Ben-gayzee questions in there.

Maybe they were mad because he didn't finish building the danged fence.


Tea Party Apologizes for Sending Email Pic of Rove In Nazi Uniform

NO, this is not the ONION.


Hubris as Zapruder

Just got through watching Rachel's Special Hubris. For me, it was the difference between reading The Warren Report and watching the Zapruder clip.

The only difference with Hubris, you could actually see the faces responsible for pulling the trigger.

Never trust the GOP on anything

Quoting the article:

Harry Reid, you have no one to blame but yourself for holding out your hand yet again to hostage takers and expecting them to stop taking hostages. Hey, Harry, they are hardwired to be pernicious and ignore civility, what did you expect?

Hey Harry, you represent Nevada so you should know, if you sit down at a poker table and can't spot the sucker get up--because you're it.

Quit getting played.

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