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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
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Fundamental Fight

I think it is clear to us all this showdown between the Teathuggees and, essentially the rest of the country, comes down to this: the Teabaggers want to take the country to a place of everyone for himself, your own your own, if your broke it's solely your fault, if you get cancer you should have planned better versus a President who is trying to bring into our health care some, and by no means all, of those people who have lived and died in the shadows of bankruptcy and pain because they lack basic health care. Make no mistake, this Teabagger lot will wreck the economy with the debt ceiling to achieve their aims. Our resolve must be equal to their fanaticism.

I think it is no mistake that it is an African-American President who has moved some of our people to the front of the health care bus, where they have been denied a seat for decades. We must help the President, and those less fortunate in society, to fight, and never relinquish that seat.

Let's move forward with the spirit of Rosa.

Breaking Bag

Story of faux everyman Ivy leaguer named Ted Cruz who, along with his Bagger buddy Mike Lee, mixed up a slop of government stopping, health care hating, Fox news worshiping verbal vomitus that spewed forth to contaminate two houses of Congress. This contamination will require extensive renovation to both Houses beginning now and ending in 2014.

Note: Signs of Bagger addiction include: voting against your own economic self-interest, spelling protest signs badly, never turning off Faux news, having Rush Slimebaugh as your only radio preset, stating loudly that guvmint should stay out of your Medicare, sporting Support the Troops stickers on gas guzzling Escalades, and ruining Thanksgiving dinners for everyone with your incoherent, spit laden rants.

Rethugs booze while Washington Burns

The Teabaggers aren't teetotaling tonight.

These tweets give a whole new meaning to the Booze Cruz.

Just sayin.


Let's roll say the teabaggers


“The whole room: ‘Let’s vote!’” Congressman John Culberson of Texas recalled. “I said, like 9/11, ‘let’s roll!’”

...says the guys who are riding their legislation into the workings of government to destroy it.



Is this the right term?

Rethugs lose a national election in 2012 based on a Tea Party Agenda. Affordable care act passes the Supreme Court. Tea Thugs than try to pass a hyper-partisan agenda based on an agenda soundly defeated last year. If they don't get their way they will wreck the economy.

This is an attempted coup, nothing more, nothing less.

Red lines, negotiations, and President Obama

Overheard a sure Faux News talking point that the President will negotiate with Putin, but not the GOP in the House, and the only Red Line he won't cross is the President's declaration he won't negotiate the debt ceiling.

Well--let's see. Who posses the greatest threat to America, Putin, or Teabaggers who threaten to crash the entire economy because they don't like the fact that health care has been offered to Americans who either couldn't afford it, or couldn't qualify for it before.

Teabaggers are the true threat, and are arsonists in the House of Democracy.

Hell no to Fire Marshal Inspections in Texas


In the months since the fertilizer plant blast that killed 15 and injured 200 in West, Texas, in April, the state has been trying to check for fire hazards at similar facilities. But five facilities storing 10,000 pounds or more of ammonium nitrate, the same dangerous fertilizer chemical that made the West explosion so deadly, have turned fire marshals away. And that's just fine, under Texas state law.

Apparently it is easier for the U.N. to inspect alleged Sarin gas attacks in Syria than for Fire Marshals to inspect potentially explosive warehouses in Texas.

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