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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,296

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Modern Day Grave Robber



Two missing Sandy Hook memorial signs have been recovered in Herndon, Virginia -- far from the states from which they were stolen -- and a Virginia man has been charged in the case.

Andrew David Truelove, 28, is being held at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center after Herndon police found the signs in a home where Truelove is renting a room from a family member.

One memorial sign was stolen from a playground in Mantoloking, New Jersey, and the other from Mystic, Connecticut. They were stolen about a month ago.

The signs were dedications to Sandy Hook Elementary School students: 7-year-old Chase Kowalski and 7-year-old Grace McDonnell, who were fatally shot in December 2012.

I don't think even Poe would have crafted this as a possible plot for one of his stories. What a ghoul.

Grumpy McCain, the V.A., and his War drumbeat

Grumpy McCain calls for heads to roll over the VA health care system as it is overwhelmed with new and old patients. At the same time, he has call for military interventions in something like 10 overseas situations (North Korea, Congo, Syria, Ukraine, stay in Iraq, stay in Afghanistan, etc.).

What a clown, and what a shame.

As Memorial Day is upon us,

and as a Vet, I have always gotten the feeling that once we leave the Service Rethugs classify Veterans as "takers."

To paraphrase Plato, "Only the dead, and Rethug chicken hawks, have seen the end of war."

In watching the dedication of the 9/11 Memorial Mususeum

I was struck by the recollections of people who fondly remembered how the country came together in the aftermath of a terrorist attack that killed Americans.

Just like the Rethugs have rallied the Nation to come together in the aftermath of


Sandy Hook "Truther" Steals Memorial Sign


A vinyl peace sign installed at a playground in Mystic, Connecticut, dedicated to a victim of the Sandy Hook shooting was stolen last week by a man claiming that the Newtown massacre never happened.

After stealing the 50-pound sign from the Grace McDonnell playground, the man called McDonnellís mother saying he did it because he believes the shooting at the school was a hoax, according to CBS2.

I always make the mistake believing that people's behavior can no longer appall me. As usual, I was wrong. Look for this guy to be a Teabag hero.

Rethugs and Social Justice

Teabaggers and their ilk often say that any person not doing well in our society is the their own fault, their lazy, you know the litany of lies they spread. Sometimes, they might say those down-trodden people can be taken care of by churches and other charitable organizations. What the baggers fail to grasp, or choose not to grasp, is that by the very organization of society there will be many people who will not have enough to eat, have a place to live, or even proper clothing. That is the fact despite the good will and actions by many in society. The concept of social justice requires us to remedy and assist those who do not have the means to do it for themselves. That is justice. It is not charity.

Rethugs Never Accept Legitimacy of Democrats Elected President

Rethugs still can't believe or accept they were defeated by President Obama. Not once, but twice. The fact he is African-American has pushed them into full derangement mode. Don't be surprised if impeachment charges are referred by Boner's flying monkeys in the House. This is especially true if Rethugs capture the Senate.

Crist Leaves GOP because they are motivated by Racism


Charlie Crist said once again Tuesday that racism motivates many of President Obama's most hostile GOP adversaries.

In the immortal words of Die Hard's Officer John McClain to the late arriving help, "Welcome to the Party Pal."

In a Fahrenheit 451 situation where books were being totally

eradicated and you were asked to memorize one book to preserve it, which one would you pick?

I would pick Camus' "The Fall."

ACA compared to Holocaust


A state Senator's blog post likening the insurance requirement under President Barack Obama's health care law to the forced deportation of Jews during the Holocaust drew swift condemnation Monday from leaders of both parties in Tennessee.

What no Benghazi???? This despicable dolt must have missed the memo. The rethugs are beyond vile.
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