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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
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Chuck Toad Wants to Demystify Washington on MTP


NBC News chief White House correspondent and soon-to-be “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd said Monday that he plans to “demystify” Washington, D.C., in his new position.

Hey Toad let me help you with this demystifying--you are right wing shill for a Washington society defined by a government controlled by one percent grifters, chickenhawks, Elmer Gantry wannabes, science deniers, and teahaddists.

There toad, that wasn't so hard.

SCOTUS Idle Speculation

If the scenario should develop over the next two years that one of the 5 Rethugs should leave the court (illness, death, impeachment) what are the chances the Senate would allow President Obama pick their successor? I say get ready for the filibuster of the century. He would never get a left of center nominee through. For that matter, any nominee.

Bank of America Grifters Not in Prison-Veteran Goes to Jail For 25 Dollars


The Justice Department has not singled out or punished any individuals for wrongdoing in the settlements. Holder said the civil settlements do not preclude criminal prosecution of the banks, but the Justice Department has not publicly taken any such actions so far


If Mr. Papa had been able to pay the first $50 installment toward his debt on the spot, he would have been able to walk out of court. But he only had $25 on him. Mr. Papa told the judge he would get his first paycheck in a week. He pleaded not to be thrown in jail for falling a mere $25 short: "I tried really hard to get this job, and I'd really like to keep it," he said.

I think we can all pretty much agree that helping a vet find stable employment after service overseas is a right thing to do, something our laws and regulations should help to achieve, not disrupt. Well, here's what happened instead: Mr. Papa found a job, but because of a judge's decision to jail him for $25, he lost it.

Instead of letting him go to work, the judge ordered Mr. Papa to serve 22 days in jail for nonpayment of his fines and fees...

The state of America. Grifters don't even need a get out of jail free card because they never go to jail. To the Veteran-welcome back to the Kleptocracy you put your life on the line for.

Attacking ACA Not Working for Rethugs and Teahaddists


Republicans seeking to unseat the U.S. Senate incumbent in North Carolina have cut in half the portion of their top issue ads citing Obamacare, a sign that the party’s favorite attack against Democrats is losing its punch.

The shift — also taking place in competitive states such as Arkansas and Louisiana — shows Republicans are easing off their strategy of criticizing Democrats over the Affordable Care Act now that many Americans are benefiting from the law and the measure is unlikely to be repealed.

Thus died the Republican dream of riding Obamacare to a crushing midterm victory. As Bloomberg put it, the focus is shifting from simply attacking the ACA to linking it to economic ills, like the slow recovery and the weak job market. “The party’s experience across the country shows that Republicans can’t count on the issue to motivate independent voters they need to oust Democrats in Arkansas, Louisiana and Alaska,” Bloomberg reports.

Teahaddists need new strategy--Benghazi (not working), IRS "Scandal" (yawn), Border crisis (please), wait for it....President Obama plays golf on vacation. Yeah--that's the ticket.

MTP Gregorian Rant Ceases, Now Its Meet the Toad


Here comes the new boss, same as...well you know.

The wingnut Sunday morning revival will plod on.

Nixon Resigning--One of the happiest days of my life

I was in High School when he dragged his sorry ass out of the White House. I remember that day more vividly than the Moon Landing. Forty years later we have Shrub, Cruz, the Teahaddists, and Cheney.


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