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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,283

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Reich Wing Ryan says family time is for me...



One of Paul Ryan’s conditions for becoming speaker is that he be able to spend time with his family. But when it comes to federal policies on family leave, Ryan has opposed virtually every measure proposed over the past several years.

In 2009, for instance, Ryan voted against the Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act, which would have allowed federal employees to substitute up to four weeks of available paid leave to take parental leave. The bill passed a then-Democratic House with 24 Republican votes, but the legislation never made it to the Senate floor.

not for thee. You bunch of takers.

Giant Pumpkin Terrorizes Arizona


A better way to spend 11 hours...and more useful

Watch all the Godfather movies.

Read the 9/11 Commission report. Alright that is less than 11 hours.

Smoke a brisket.

Faux News Host Trapped in "Back to the Future" Delorean

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade celebrated Back to the Future Day on Wednesday by accidentally locking himself inside of the show’s iconic Delorean — and not even Huey Lewis could save him.

I think this bumbling is entirely appropriate. If I remember correctly the movie went back to 1955 by a person named Fox no less. Well Faux News would love to transport the United States back to the 1950s: no women's rights, no LGBT rights, segregated schools, duck and cover drills, less opportunity for women to work, and black and white TV. Call it back to the Fauxture.

Freedom Carcass Out to Be Motto:

"You don't have power, until you have all the power."

Ari Gold

Small Band of Extremists Want Total Control of the Government

The Movement Conservatives now calling the shots in the Republican Party are forcing the nation toward a Constitutional crisis. A very small number of extremists are trying to bend the federal government to their will. They want to force the president to abandon his own policies and adopt theirs. If he refuses to cave in to their demands to kill Planned Parenthood, they will refuse to fund the government. They will force it to shut down. The thirty or forty people in the secretive “House Freedom Caucus,” elected by voters only from their own deeply Republican districts, want to erase the constitutional role of the president. They want to impose their will on the American people.

And the corporate controlled media will say both sides do it. Forget overseas terrorists, the Tea thugs and Movement Conservatives are a clear and present danger to our country.

I appreciate turning

on the tap and getting clean water. This is rare in many places on earth. I try to appreciate clean water every day.

Here comes the new rethug "investigator" same as the old rethug "investigator"

Trey Gowdy is Ken Starr

Tailgater who made no exceptions.

Saw a tailgater today on the freeway who tailgated every car who wouldn't get out of the way. Last I saw of him he was two feet off the bumper of a cop going 75 MPH.

With the shut-down crazies running the House

I think a government shutdown and debt default is more than likely. Teapublicans only fear a primary from the right. They have no interest in the country at large. They will be cheered on by their teaparty zombies as the ship of state sinks.

The Reich Wing are true home grown terrorists.

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