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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
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Can we get this guy to moderate the GOP debate in August

The Constitutional Peasant. My hero.

Bankers and Math

Today, a conversation with a bank employee trying to preauthorize a foreign money bank transfer with exchange rates involved:

E: I need the approximate amount you want to preauthorize.

Me: It is approximately 100 dollars.

E: I need the exact amount.

Me: I thought you wanted the approximate amount

E: It's the same thing.

No wonder we bailed the banks out.

Facebook Etiquette Question

How do you feel about getting in a flame war on Facebook on someone else's page, not with the author of the page, but with someone who commented on that page?

Krugman: GOP base loves Trump because he is loudmouthed, belligerent racist just like they are.


New York Times columnist Paul Krugman appeared on Bloomberg Television Monday to discuss the appeal of Donald Trump to Republicans, and the Princeton economist pulled no punches.

“He’s a belligerent, loudmouthed racist with not an ounce of compassion for less fortunate people,” Krugman argued. “In other words, he’s exactly the kind of person the Republican base consists of and identifies with.”

“It’s clear that the very things that Upper West Side New Yorkers find detestable about him are exactly what endear him to the Republican base,” he continued. “Which is basically people who see in him everything — even the big red face and the yelling — that makes him their kind of guy.”

The next sound you hear is the detonation of Reich Wing heads throughout the land. Lovely.

Scout and Opus back in the same week.

Swaggert types get tips on infiltrating all levels of politics

Some 300 evangelical pastors convened in Orlando on Friday with a single goal in mind: To learn how to adapt their preaching and outreach skills for the pursuit of political office.

A whole new crop of Falwells and Robertsons learning to flood the public square with their snake oil and repressive beliefs. Look for them on the Flim Flam ticket near you.

Reggie Jackson and the 1978 World Series

In Game Five in Los Angeles, in his last at bat, Reggie Jackson hit a home run on the first pitch he saw. When the Series returned to New York (from LA) for Game Six Jackson walked in his first at bat on four pitches. In his next 3 at bats he hit a home run on the first pitch he saw. To recap, Jackson hit four consecutive home runs on four swings of the bat against 4 different pitchers in the World Series.

Question on trusting other drivers.

When you are about to pull out into a street, and you see someone in the lane you are merging to who has their turn signals on indicating they will turn, do you wait for their turn or do you merge when you see their signal?

I never trust their signal and wait to see them turn before I merge.

Entire County Clerk's Office Resigns Over Same Sex Marriage



The entire staff at a Tennessee county clerk’s office submitted their resignations this week rather than issue same-sex marriage licenses, reports WBIR.

Decatur County Clerk Gwen Pope — along with employees Sharon Bell and Mickey Butler — said their last day on the job will on July 14, and that they are leaving because the Supreme Court’s decision to allow same-sex marriages clashes with their religious beliefs.

Speaking for the three employees whose resignations take effect July 14, Pope said they were doing it for “for the glory of God,” and not for the publicity.

Good riddance and don't let the secular, tax-payer paid for door hit you in the a.. on the way out.

Quiet Dignity of Little Girl Facing a Ranting Bigoted Preacher


Zea, a 7-year-old first grader, stood firm in the face of hate over the weekend at a celebration of the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage. When a preacher began ranting at her through a microphone, little Zea quietly waved her rainbow flag and never backed down.

Kind of reminds of the guy who stood in front of that tank back in China in 1989.

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