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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 10,527

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Quiet Dignity of Little Girl Facing a Ranting Bigoted Preacher


Zea, a 7-year-old first grader, stood firm in the face of hate over the weekend at a celebration of the Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage. When a preacher began ranting at her through a microphone, little Zea quietly waved her rainbow flag and never backed down.

Kind of reminds of the guy who stood in front of that tank back in China in 1989.

Legal Question: Hobby Lobby Versus Marriage Equality Decision

Do these two decisions lead to another SCOTUS ruling when government officals opt out of performing marriage ceremonies based on their "sincerely" held religious beliefs?

Just wondering.

In my lifetime African-American children have been blown up and African-American adults shot down.

Both incidents in a church.

Incidents separated by 52 years in time

All of this reinforces my belief you can't let the racists win. Where they destroy, create healing.

They shall not win. EVER.

New CBS Reality TV Show Exploits Poor by making them grovel for $100,000

As if to prove there are new depths to be plumbed in the world of reality television (because who knew?), CBS just debuted The Briefcase, a show which takes poverty porn, class anxiety, emotional manipulation and exploitation and packages them all neatly into a pretty despicable hour of primetime television. Kicking off each episode with the question, “What would you do with $101,000?” the show then deep-dives into a competition that asks two unwitting, financially strapped families to choose between two no-win options: being financially solvent yet appearing heartless and greedy, or drowning in debt yet having audiences recognize them as selfless and giving.

Reality TV is the new gladiator arena for bread and circuses. I would rather watch a show where the One Percenters at CBS, who created this monstrosity, try to rationalize their way out of not being dragged to the National Razor.

Texas wants to mark ACA users with a "QHP" on their insurance cards


The Texas state Senate on Tuesday evening passed a bill that would label the health insurance cards of individuals who purchased their insurance through an exchange set up through Obamacare, the Texas Tribune reported.

The legislation, which already passed in the House, would require health insurers to label those insurance cards with "QHP."

If these same legislators don't protest federal flood aid what should they be labeled with? FTH for F...ing Teabagger Hypocrite

Teahaddist Congressman are High End Squatters


The dozens of members who sleep in their offices are, in effect, spending their weekdays in 100 percent federally subsidized apartments.
They are not charged any rent. They receive no utility bills. They don’t pay for the daily cleaning services. Microwaves and refrigerators have been installed in most suites. There’s a half bathroom connected to each personal office, and the showers at the members’ gym open at 5:30 a.m.

In short, lawmakers who choose their offices as their crash pads are getting a valuable government freebie — worth 10 percent or more of their $174,000 annual salary.

The Reich Wing are the true takers.

Fox and Friends Can't Change a Tire--Fail Manhood Test

The hosts of Fox & Friends nearly caused serious damage to a rental car on Tuesday while trying to prove their “manhood” by changing a tire.

These guys opine on changing society by lowering taxes on corporations (corporations are people my friends, try changing that tire), changing welfare rules, and changing or junking the rules of health care. Yet, they can't change a tire. By the way, that should be failing the Personhood Test. I taught my daughter to change a tire when she was 16.

Chuckle for the day

A music store was robbed recently. The robbers made off with the lute.

WTF--What The Friedman

Against my better judgment I tuned into Meet the Toad this morning and what do I see? Thomas Friedman being asked his opinion about the situation in Iraq. Really? He was one of the biggest cheerleaders for the biggest foreign relations disaster since Vietnam and you want his views.

Another example of how the pundit military class can be 100 percent wrong and continue to be 100 percent employed by Sunday morning shows.

There must be some law of physics that says this is not possible.

Teahaddist Link to Benghazi and Amtrak

Teahaddists say no to increased funding for State Department security or for improving safety for Amtrak. They kill Americans.

The Wingnuts are a clear and present danger to our country, in fact, the entire world.
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