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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 10,527

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Cruz, Rubio, Huckleberry,

Christie, Bush.

for President.

I feel like Rip Van Winkle, except I just awoke in a world where every flim-flam, scammer, teabag, huckster, chicken hawk, one percent, grifter now deems himself fit to serve with his hand on the nuclear button.

Kansas Bans TANF recipients from using benefits for cruises and psychics

When Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (R) returns to his office following the holiday weekend, he is expected to sign a welfare reform bill containing a laundry list of goods and services recipients will not be allowed to spend their benefits on — including going on cruises and paying for psychics.

Families will use their WHOLE 497 dollars per month on the QE2. After they get back from the cruise they go to the casino and buy lottery tickets the psychic told them to buy. More demonizing of the poor by the same SOBs who brought you Raygun's welfare queen BS. Dickens would weep reading these laws. Disgusted I am.

Teabaggers and failed humanity quiz

You ever take one of those multiple miss tests, where to your horror, you are striking out on every question. To me, that describes the humanity test for Teabaggers. Let's see:

In the bagger alternate universe: only takers want health care, wars are endless, unions are for socialists, no reproductive rights for women, spurious religious beliefs trump human rights, you can't vote if you don't have a current picture ID even if you have voted for the past 50 years, global warming is conspiracy concocted by 99 percent of climate scientists, and nobody can spell. They flunk every basic human rights test. What a bunch of MORANS.

Pence Surrounded by Bigots at Bill Signing



Indiana Governor Mike Pence told George Stephanopoulos that SB101, the "religious freedom" bill he signed into law, is not about anti-gay discrimination.

Yet when he signed it, as the graphic above so helpfully points out, he was surrounding by several men, Micah Clark, Curt Smith, and Eric Milled, who have been working for years to demonize gays and lesbians.

Those who will not be named, are named.

Shrub gets Intelligence Group Award



This year’s off-the-record event, officially the Ambassador Richard M. Helms Award Ceremony, named for a Cold War-era CIA director, honored former President George W. Bush, an odd choice, it would seem, given all the trouble his administration caused the CIA (and NSA) during its eight years in office.

Asleep at the switch on 9/11 and lies us into a war. Is this part of the X Files redo?

With all the timeouts college basketball is unwatchable.

Teahaddist Rethugs Want to Privatize Air Traffic Control


Here's a great Republican idea: Let's privatize air traffic control. Don't you want corporate profits to be a factor in your safety in the air?

First, Rethugs institute budget uncertainty and cuts to the air traffic control system and then blame them when they can't modernize their equipment. Yeah, I want the Koch brothers in charge of landing airplanes at the lowest possible cost. Prediction: instead of dropped calls we get dropped aircraft with more crashes then a non-tax payer bailed out Wall Street.

My all time favorite literary hero is

Atticus Finch. I always find my images of him to be inspiring.

In Montana Koch's take millions in subsidies, try to block Medicaid Expansion



Next, it was revealed that the Kochs own a 200,000 acre cattle ranch in Montana that has received more than $12 million of state and federal subsidies since it was founded. Two-thirds of the cattle operation is on public land, which means the Kochs pay grazing fees that are far below market rates while taxpayers make up the difference. (In 2011, the state of Montana proposed raising these fees to get them closer to market, and a guy from the Kochs’ ranch showed up to the hearing to protest this increase.)

This grotesque set of facts — two billionaires taking subsidies while trying to block our poorest citizens from getting assistance for medical care — was not well received by the press or public when it was brought to light.

These guys are Clive Bundy on steroids. They are the ultimate takers and moochers. Living the high life on their tax subsidized ranch while fighting against health care for the poor. Even Dante didn't have a circle deep enough for these flim flam low lifes.

Just heard on Chris Hayes

that Liberty students who didn't attend Bagger Cruz's speech were fined.

I wonder if the exits were chained. Somebody call Fire Marshal Bill.

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