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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,314

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Round up 2016: We lose Prince, Bowie, John Glenn (to name 3), and we get President Putin and Drump.

Fuck you 2016 and good riddance.

Trump-not my Czar. n/t

Put won't retaliate with expulsion of US Diplomats. Why would when he's already

exiled 65 million democratic votes?


Drumpt has proven he will not be held to account by any established institution in the U.S.

Press-nope he uses twitter to go around it and won't hold press conferences.

Intelligence agencies-nope, he discounts them by saying he doesn't believe them.

Financial Institutions/Taxes-nope, he won't release them and nobody can make him.

Military-nope,he roped them in by threatening their weapons programs.

Congress-nope, the Rethug Congress would never, ever impeach him.

A despot we have.

Humor for Another Day

Why is Peter Pan always flying?

Because he Neverlands.

Humor for the day.

A dog goes to the employment agency and begins talking and says, "Hey look I need a job."The unemployment counselor says, "wow with skills like yours you could work in the circus." The dog says, "work for the circus, why would I do that, I'm a plumber."

I'm a coffin nail atheist but if a Muslim registry gets implemented you can add my

name to the list.

Fuck Drump and his Nazi implemented sign-up sheets.

Any Congressional Investigation of Putin Installing Trump will be a white wash


Congressional Republicans spent years investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails and launched a special committee to get to the bottom of the Benghazi attacks.

But when it comes to alleged Russian interference in the presidential election, the GOP appears to be taking a more restrained approach.

The rethugs will bury this. There is no check Orange Hitler.

Remember, remember...

the 8th of November,
the Drumpt treason and plot.
I can think of no reason,
why the Drumpt-Putin treason,
should ever be,

With Putin now elected as President does that mean I can see Russia from my house in Arizona? nt

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