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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,490

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What should be placed on the stage to replace absent tRump during the Reich Wing "debate?"

I say one of those novelty rubber dog turds topped with a Bozo fright wig.

Video surfaces of Carnival Cruise as a teen.


Damien from the Omen I think.

Plot Summary of Reich Wing Propaganda Sleaze 13 Hours

Summary: 13 Hours is how time much elapses between Carnival Cruise getting sworn in as President and he launches a nuclear attack on somebody in order to hasten the rapture.

Palin blames President Obama for son's arrest.

Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin suggested Wednesday that President Barack Obama was to blame for the arrest of her son Track on domestic violence charges.

First it was Affluenza. Now it's Palinobamaexcusapalooza.

Palin endorses tRump: I am watching SNL THIS WEEK. n/t

I read in the local fish wrap that Palin is ready to "stump for trump."

I think that should read Palin dumb as a stump for Trump.

New Affluenza Defense: Mom forced him to go to Mexico


An attorney for a teenager who killed four people in the “affluenza” drunken-driving case may have been forced to go to Mexico with his mother after an apparent violation of his probation, a defense attorney said on Tuesday.

Attention responsibility has left the building....again.

The Carnival Cruise versus tRump battle...

is like watching two crap flinging monkeys smearing themselves and their domiciles with feces. One might laugh, until you realize that said poop flinging monkeys could be moving into your neighborhood, or even you house.

I apologize to all monkeys for the comparison.

President Obama versus Shrub when American servicemen were captured.

Obama: American sailors held for 2 days and ,yes the propaganda interview was terrible, and released.

Shrub: American spy plane captured by the Chinese. Crew is held for 11 days and intensely interrogated. Shrub's administration eventually had to pay for the lodging and meals of the captured American Airman. Spy plane studied by Chinese and sent back in pieces.

Yeah--those Rethugs are real tough guys.

Repugs mock the President for crying about child victims during speech

Several conservative media figures attacked President Obama for crying as he spoke about child victims during a speech detailing executive actions designed to reduce gun violence.

Just when I thought the Reich Wing had burrowed to the furthest depth of shameless behavior they continue to drill down. They are beyond disgusting.
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