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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,294

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HRC got more votes. People have spoken. No SCOTUS Pick for Drumpt.

The Reich Wing wanted the people to decide the direction of the Supreme. They have their answer.

Blockade every choice of Drumpts.

No cave-ins.

Scorched earth. Too many people's lives and people's rights on riding on this.

Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Obama, Drumpt WTF America?

Please tell me Rod Serling is going to appear?

Drumpt's Hotel Stay to Play Scam


News Politics
Foreign diplomats feel pressure to stay at Trump's hotels

The first of cheeto Hitler's many scams by using the influence of his office. I expect the White House will be filled with brochures for fake Drump university and leathery Drump steaks.

Wat to see where the economics of the U.S. is headed. Look at Brownback's Kansas.



In 2012, the Kansas legislature cut individual tax rates by 25 percent, and repealed the state tax on sole proprietorships. In 2013, state lawmakers voted to cut taxes even more by gradually lowering tax rates over the next five years. Governor Brownback strongly supported these efforts to cut their way to a stronger economy. Here are five charts that show how well that's going.


Anybody think Pence is a Cruz in sheep's clothing?

Drumpt said he could shoot someone and not lose a vote. As President I take...

that to mean the rules don't apply to me at all. You will never see my taxes, I will never sever my business ties, my kin get TS clearances, I make sales pitches while President (E). I know that I can do anything because the Reich Wing in Congress would never prefer charges against me. Your basic despot.

Mein Twitter

After watching Herr Drumpencheeto bamboozle the press with his Anti-Hamilton screed to cover up his Trump University fraud pleading expect more of the same in the future. When he creates a disaster expect misdirection from Cheeto Hitler.

Go along with Don the Con Democrats Should Be Ashamed

Policy Scorched Earth. No to any SCOTUS nominee. No to any of his wingnut cabinet nominees. The Reich Wing blockaded President Obama for 8 years. Payback time.

I am happy to be back in the lounge.

With the Rethugs in Charge of 3 Branches of Government the Reichstag is Already Burning

There is no agreement with the Rethugs. No reconciliation. It is policy scorched earth.

i'm glad to be back with all of you.
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