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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,293

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Sick of Scared Shi..... Nation

The politics of fear have always been in play the United States. However, tRump has mastered the orchestration of fear and played it perfectly. Be afraid of: big government, the immigrant, the poor, ISIS, women moderators, minimum wage, ACA, freedom to marry, woman's right to choose, etc. He wouldn't be getting traction if people weren't afraid everything that is not like them.

tRump's campaign slogan: We have everything to fear (fill in the blank), but most importantly, fear itself.

65,915,796 Disenfranchised Voices

The numbers of votes President Obama received in 2012, and who will not have a say in selecting the next member of the Supreme Court of the United States because of Reich Wing blatant, unprecedented obstructionism.

Tune in Tomorrow To See World's Fastest and Dodgey Human Beings

Watch when Judge Garland goes to the Hill and attempts to speak to fleeing Reich Wing Senators determined not to be seen or speak with him. They will be in full Roadrunner mode.

Matthews Wants Clinton to Pick Kasich as VP

This is what Chris Matthews sounds like after he's been huffing way too much of that Tip and the Gipper, bipartisan, magical fairy dust during MSNBC's Super Tuesday election coverage.

Apparently Matthews think the potential Democratic nominee for president of the United States needs to pick an anti-choice, anti-labor, trickle-down, gives tax cuts to the rich on the backs of the working class, former Lehman Brothers executive as a running mate in order to get elected.

Matthews fell in love with Rethugs watching Shrub strut his codpiece on that carrier. Nothing has changed.

Since 1960 there has been only one pitcher under six feet tall elected to the Hall of Fame.

Whitey Ford.

Read today: The difference between soccer and rugby.

With soccer you have 90% of the players running around pretending like they are injured when they are not. With rugby you have 90% of the players running around injured pretending like that they are not.

tRump According to His Butler

PALM BEACH, Fla. — Everything seemed to sparkle at the Mar-a-Lago estate here on a recent afternoon. The sun glinted off the pool and the black Secret Service S.U.V.s in the circular driveway. Palm trees rustled in a warm breeze, croquet balls clicked and a security guard stood at the entrance to Donald J. Trump’s private living quarters

“You can always tell when the king is here,” Mr. Trump’s longtime butler here, Anthony Senecal, said of the master of the house and Republican presidential candidate.

The king was returning that day to his Versailles, a 118-room snowbird’s paradise that will become a winter White House if he is elected president. Mar-a-Lago is where Mr. Trump comes to escape, entertain and luxuriate in a Mediterranean-style manse, built 90 years ago by the cereal heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post.

When the King is here. If want to know what tRump's reign over America would look like here is a preview. Forget the Bentley, load up the tumbrel carts.

Reich Wing Sturm, Drang, and Spittle at the Gym

While at the gym yesterday there was patron doing the amen chorus while watching Faux news. He was not engaged in a conversation just soapboxing lines like Hillary is an email criminal and Sanders is a communist. He was loudly informing all around of his Faux News zombie views. Normally, I don't engage in the crazies, but this was too much. I calmly pointed out how these views were incorrect and he should take time to inform himself with the facts. And off he went. It was ravings and spittle all around. I listened and responded calmly which infuriated him even more. He finally stomped off and continued to vent while staring in the mirror. I think the whole experience must be like attending a tRump rally.

Forget roid rage, more like Red State Rage. Living Blue in a Deep Red State.

My concern is that with all the bigoted bluster of tRump

getting wall-to-wall coverage the actual scariest guy in the land, Cruz, is going to stealth mode his way into power. He would push button all of us into the rapture as hostages.

Some of the most despised words I know.

Pre-existing Conditions

My response to tRump's "health care" plan.
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