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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,293

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Half of those receiving government aid say they don't get government aid.

Mettler found that a significant portion of Americans who receive some form of government aid either believe, or pretend to believe, they “have not used a government social program.”

Unfortunately, as is said, you can't fix stupid.

I love history and tonight is Historic.

There for:

Apollo Moon Landing, check.

First African-American to win election as President, check

First women in U.S. History to accept the nomination for the Presidency from a major political party, check.

I will never lose sight of that.

According to ex-staffer Drumpf Knows Less About Foreign Affairs Than Paiin

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was infamously ignorant when it came to foreign policy after being nominated for vice president in 2008 — but a former staffer says that she still knows more than Donald Trump does right now.

Nicole Wallace, a former Palin staffer who is now an MSNBC talking head, acknowledged on Thursday that her former boss was “woefully ignorant” about foreign policy. At the same time, she said this ignorance pales in comparison to the level of ignorance that’s currently being offered by Trump.

But can he see Canada from his house?

Trivia: Who is the only person in Baseball history to have an RBI in the Little League World Series,

College World Series, and MLB's World Series?

Micheal Conforto of the NY Mets.

Seen on T-shirt today.

Sons of Arthritis
Ibuprofen Chapter

Chuck Toad Carries Water for Drumpt on Russian Espionage Issue

MSNBC host Chuck Todd posited on Wednesday that Donald Trump’s call for Russia to launch a cyberattack on Hillary Clinton was acceptable because the United States government was engaged in espionage against foreign governments.

NBC's Baghdad Bob strikes again for Drumpt. He is beyond pathetic.

Drumpt's Outrageous Lies Are Like the Local Blaring Car Alarm

It happens so frequently everyone stops paying attention. In this case the neighborhood is the MSM.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

I've happily lived through the election of President Obama and the nomination of Hillary Clinton

I've suffered through the election of Shrub and the nomination of Drumpt.

Is there such a thing as political whiplash?

Sorry, HRC Didn't Break the Glass Ceiling.

She shattered it.

Began the day by getting into it

with 2 Drumpt drones in line at the store. Being in Arizona I was concerned about concealed carry but no weapons were observed. It is going to be a long election season.

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