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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 8,223

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The washed celebrities populating the Reich Wing Convention makes it the remake of

The Love Boat

Drump as Captain Stubing

and Pence as Gopher. Newt as the lecherous doc.

Security Calming Reich Wing Delegates After Cruz Debacle

Beware HRC about your speech at the Democratic convention

If your speech contains a noun, verb, conjunction, modifier, or adverb you will be accused of plagiarism.

As you know both sides do it.

The Reich Wing's out of control HRC bashing

is meant to achieve one thing. Drumpt will never be President, they know this. The convention is about delegitimizing another Democratic President before ever elected. The rethugs have been setting this narrative for years, but the convention puts a national focus on it.

Wait, I knew I've seen Drump's wife before (with him)

They should call this Reich Wing Convention

Triumph of the Swill. or Swells.

When reading a newspaper do you

read it from front to back by page number order, or do you skip from the front page to the article and return to the front page?

Both sides do it claims the media.

Not really, Hillary emails, Benghazi, sniper, etc. blares the media.

Trump-crappy college, no tax returns, etc. Media-crickets.

Really the Mantra of the MSM is One Side Does It.

Smirking Luke Russert Leaving NBC News-My Good News for the Day

Luke Russert's decision to leave NBC News shocked TV newsrooms and Congressional offices when it was announced on Wednesday.

I guess he needs to figure out how having a "name" doesn't mean you have any talent. Try again Luke. I'm sure Faux News would welcome you. Now, if you could only get Chuck Toad to go with you.

Now Drumpt Says He Won't Release his Taxes Because:

In an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, the presumptive Republican nominee continued to make the argument it was the IRS audit preventing him from disclosing the finite details of his personal finances ― from the tax breaks he took, to the charitable donations he’s made. But in a telling aside, Trump seemed to admit that he wasn’t disclosing his returns because of the political damage he feared they would inflict.

Drumpt is a master of the obvious. The MSM probably will still not press him on it, and continue to scream about emails.
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