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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,283

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How long before Orange Twitler communicates: "Courts Support ISIS. They Hate America. Judges Need to

Go. Now."

How I Learned to Hate Walls.

While in the Army I guarded sections of both the Berlin Wall and a section of the West and East German Border near Fulda, Germany. It's a disgrace that Drumpt is working to build something I thought was appalling in a different country.

WTF country and century am I living in?

As the Drumpt turns, here's where we are:

Either Drumpt lies all the time and knows it.

Or, he doesn't believe he's lying and lives in the world of Alternate Facts.

No good outcome here.

Drumpt will never let go of his loss of the popular vote derangement

because it leaves him with the label he hates the most---LOSER.

Yeah--I know he won the Electoral College but he knows he had way more people against him than for him.

In his mind that makes him a LOSER if he doesn't find a way too dispute the popular vote count.

How can he be a winner and a LOSER at the same time? The cognitive dissonance is too great for his tiny brain.

Mississippi Awaits Federal Relief Help for Tornado Damage

while Drumpt is busy arguing crowd size and starting investigations over 2 million "illegal voters."


Lawmakers in Mississippi are anxiously awaiting federal assistance for the tornado-ravaged state despite assurances from President Donald Trump that he will expedite the recovery process, reports WLOX.

Drumpt takes a whole 2 days to take a page from Shrub's emergency relief playbook.

No Democratic Vote For Any Drumpt SCOTUS Nominee

No Quislings. Not ever.

If they want blow up the filibuster let them.

Don't reward theft.

Her name is now Alternative Facts Conway. n/t

"Alternative facts" says Conway

On Meet the Depressed Conway talks about having alternative facts.

Ooops!! The truth will out. And not the alternative one.

OMG Todd has rattled and destroyed Conway on Meet the Depressed.

She is rattled and rambling.

Someone asked me today if the rallies against Drumpt

would equal would the ferocity and intensity of of the late 60s. I said I thought not because there is no Draft. If Drumpt gets into a war requiring a draft that could change things.
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