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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,094

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Covfere explained.

Just so Reich Wing Stooge Nikki Haley say

she was happy all children in refugee camps have access to health care.

What a concept, health care for all children. Not available to all U.S. children.

Baseball records guaranteed never to be broken. Mine is:

Cy Young's 511 career wins.

Remembering MLB Players Who Died in WW2


I've never seen a no-hitter live

(gave away tickets that ended up a no-hitter), I've never gotten a foul ball at a game, never attended a game where a cycle was hit, or a triple play was accomplished.

All things to look forward to.

Outlaw the Shift.

I know it's been around since it was robbing Ted Williams. Shortstop is not the short right fielder, and second baseman is not up the middle player. Like in football you have to start with a certain amount of players on the line.

And, get off my grass.

Drumpt as car alarm

Comey, Putin, Flynn, firings, crowd size, Spicee screws ups, Saudi orbs and sword dances, Bannon, golf course outings, relaying secrets to the Russians in the oval, national security briefings at the country club, threatening the judiciary, the Drumpt Armada, etc.

Drumpt is now the car alarm that a sizable portion of population and media no longer hears or cares about.

The "L" word for Drumpt from the world


I think back to Pablo Casals and JFK in the White House.

WTF happened. I know. Rhetorical only.

Question: Will the United States break the world record

for holding one's breath (22 minutes) by holding it's collective breath for 9 days?

July 19, 1960

Juan Marichal of the Giants had the best debut start of any MLB pitcher in history when he threw a 2-0 one-hitter against the Phillies. Future HOF indeed.

Baseball history is best.
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