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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,301

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New Drumpt Directive:

In honor of Independence Day Drumpt has renamed the USA:

The Compliant Liege and Vassal Regions of Covfefe.

Are you ready to ruuuuuuuuuumble....

Boxing Match of the Century:

In the Blue Corner we have the U.S. Constitution, undefeated Champion, having defeated the British, the Nazis, Imperial Japan,the Soviet Union, the KKK, self-serving Republican sellout politicians, the Great Depression, the Great Recession, and the murders of great leaders like MLK, RFK, Lincoln, and JFK.

In the Red Corner we have Drumpt the Blotus, the challenger having defeated the Vietnam Draft Board, many housing authorities, bankruptcy courts, divorce proceedings, sexual assault accusations, and recently, with his tag team partner the Mad Russian Putin, the United States electoral system.

Vegas has not published odds on the outcome of this bout as of yet.

If you had to go to a fictional TV or Movie Doctor who would you choose?

I'd choose Dr. House. I would appreciate the sarcasm laced treatment.

Faux News Commentator: Health Care Cuts, Who Cares, We are Going To Die Anyway.



Eric Bolling kicked off the fun by pooh-poohing Bernie Sanders' correct claim that thousands will die under the Senate version of Trumpcare.

To which young Kennedy Montgomery shrugged, informing the audience that "we're all going to die."

Great logic. Let's get of landing gear for planes, seat belts for cars, inspection of food or medication, safety ratings of Nuclear Plants, lifeboats on Cruise Ships, or functioning stoplights.

Without insurance this child's hospital bill would be...



But, what about her emails.

If, and I mean if, the Drumpt election is a momentary hiccup how will historians explain it

50 years from now? Russian collusion, economic dislocation of the working class, hatred of HRC, new power of social media, the unfairness of the electoral system, voter suppression, the onslaught of celebrity culture or some combination of all of these? Or other factors.

Just wondering.

I am hoping Arpaio is found guilty of Criminal Contempt this week

and gets to be the last resident of his infamous Tent City. Enjoy the heat Joe!!

According to Reich Wing Senator people with pre-existing conditions deserve

to pay more because they are like cars that have been in a crash.



Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) suggested on Sunday that people with pre-existing conditions deserved to pay more for insurance because they were like cars that had been involved in an automobile accident.

None the Rethug's evil statements surprise me anymore.

Don't let the Reich Wing Senators hemming and hawing on the Trumpcare

fool you. The "I don't knows and I'm not sure about voting for it" is strictly an act for the rubes. The Reich Wing hates anything related to Obama and will do anything to get rid of the ACA.

I will call my Rethug Senators everyday to voice my opposition. Already called today.

On this Fathers Day hit me with your best "dad" joke.

Here's mine.

Why don't seagulls fly over bays?

Because they don't want to be bagels!!

Have a happy and punny Fathers Day DU.
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