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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,490

Journal Archives

Chief of Staff Kelly arrives at his new office.

The predicted Drumpt Reichstag fire will be

a strike on North Korea. Review your selective service eligibility.

Song I put on repeat when Drumpt got installed.

Who's next burn in the Drumpster fire?

Rasputin Bannon most likely.

Who writes the first Drumpt tell all?

Spicee or Rancid?

Nobody wants to be the third vote.

Spineless GOP Senators quake in their boots when they think of being targeted by Drumpt's twitter account. They would rather kill their fellow Americans.

McCain leaps out of world class Mayo Clinic

to help the Reich Wing create their very own Death Panel.

Beyond disgusted here in AZ.

If memory serves...

HRC was put in the Congressional docks under oath all under the auspices of a Benghazi Reich Wing show trial. Kushner gets to speak, not under oath, and behind closed doors, to further obfuscate his traitorous behavior.

On CNN now, Spicer resigns.

The only agenda of the Reich Wing is to eliminate any trace of President Obama.

If President Obama was on Mt Rushmore the Rethugs would be sandblasting away as we speak.
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