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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,314

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They are beyond shaming.

I completely applaud news outlets for calling out Texas Rethugs for pleading for Harvey relief money while having voted against Sandy aid. Nevertheless, I think these vile individuals are beyond shaming and I expect the next time another party of the country is in need they will vote against it.

Our system of government is one of checks

and balances. However, I'm not convinced it has a check on the unbalanced.

Stolen from FB: Joel Osteen:

Sorry flood victims, my church was only designed to provide shelter from taxes.


I swear I watched President Thurston Howell III and Lovey visit Texas yesterday.

What we need is more Professors. I would even settle for more Gilligans.

Cruz is beyond evil.

When he stands in a shelter full of people in need, and says he would still vote against Sandy Aid I think even Satan would disavow him.

John McGraw Trivia

in 1902 Baltimore's John McGraw was hit by a pitch in 5 different at bats against Boston's Bill Dinneen. In every case he was not awarded first base because home plate umpire Jack Sheridan determined McGraw had gotten hit intentionally. To add to this, Sheridan eventually ejected McGraw from the game. The league backed Sheridan.

Cruz wants disaster relief funds, but still no regrets for voting against Sandy money.


“Has this given you a different perspective?” the reporter wondered. “Do you think that you would have voted differently about the Sandy bill given what you’re seeing in Texas.”

“No!” Cruz insisted.

He remains one of the most disgusting and vile persons on the planet.

Drumpt's Budget Proposed a Billion Dollars in Cuts for the Coast Guard


President Donald Trump's budget proposal includes a $1.3 billion cut to the US Coast Guard, congressional sources told CNN Tuesday.

They should be pointed out continually on the news. But, it won't be.

This is what the Coast Guard is doing currently in Houston.


Prediction for how Drumpt fires Mueller

1. Drumpt feels Mueller closing in.

2. Drumpt needs his political crack rally and whips up the mob by calling Mueller Fake News.

3. Mob calls for Mueller being gone with chants of "Fire the traitor."

4. After his rally, Drumpt feeling energized, calls a useful idiot at DOJ from backstage and has them fire Mueller.

5. Drumpt comes out the next day at Drumpt Tower and blames the press and dares Congress to impeach him.

6. Drumpt attends another rally and threatens mob action around the country if impeached.

7. Congress cowers and does nothing.

8. Dictatorship solidified.

Drumpt will default on the debt

and blame Congress. Drumpt is his own party.
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