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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,306

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Only 2 players in history hit 400 home runs and stole home 10 or more times (career). Guesses?

Babe Ruth-stole home 10 times.
Lou Gehrig-stole home 15 times.

Teams Fielding Most Future Hall of Fame Players

The most number of HOF players fielded by one team is 8. First by the NY Giants (1923). Followed by the NY Yankee Teams of 1930-1933.

Reich Wing yawn at bombs in the mail.

Pitch forward on the fainting couch at the word deplorables.

Drumpt flipping the bird at Mueller

A week after a Russian was indicted for meddling in the upcoming election Putin gets a WH invitation.

Paul Molitor 1996

In 1996 became the first member of the 3000 hit club whose career batting average was below .300 at age 30 and above .300 at age 40.

Odds are Drumpt is watching the news condemning his speeches as a contributor

to political violence and he responds at the rally today by doubling down on his violent remarks. He believes no one can tell him what to do and will say these attacks are fake news.

Drumpt will immediately investigate bombing threats

on Democrats by ordering an investigation as thorough and complete as the one on Boofer Brett.

My all time favorite ball player:

Joe Morgan.

Arm flapping, clutch hitting, 2 time MVP second baseman. The vital cog to the Big Red Machine.

It was a pleasure to watch him play.

Juan Marichal

HOF member Juan Marichal won 25 games or more three times in his career. 1963, 1966, and 1968.

In those 3 seasons he did NOT win the Cy Young Award nor did he ever win it.

Drumpt wants to scrap I.N.F. Treaty


I can figure Vlad Daddy told the Orange Shitgibbon to do this when he saw that Drumpt, didn't know during the primaries, what the Nuclear Triad is.

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