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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,293

Journal Archives

Pitchers with 1000 strikeouts before the age of 24

Bob Feller
Burt Blyleven
Dwight Gooden

If attacked by a mob of clowns

go for the juggler!

Song for Drumpt's failure to attend ceremony at Belleau Wood Cemetery

Over hair, over hair
send the staff, over there
that Drumpt's not coming
that Drumpt's not coming
the rain is drumming
the orange tint is running
So prepare, say a prayer
Send the word, send the word
because of my rats nest hair
Drumpt's not coming
Drumpt's not coming
over there.

Miami Marlins

First team in baseball history to trade back to back MVPS. Stanton and Yelich.

Holds the record for consecutive seasons with at

least 1 HR.

25 consecutive seasons.

Ricky Henderson.

Thank you Drumpt

For coming to AZ and mobilizing the vote for Sinema.

Couldn’t have done without your ham-handed, albeit small handed, support.

Record for multi-home run games, career.

1-Babe Ruth 72 games

2-Barry Bonds-71 games.


As adherents to this group can tell I love baseball. My wife says I'm a fanatic about baseball. She says that baseball is all I ever talk or read about.

I told her she's way off base.

Highest batting average in a season by a rookie?

Joe Jackson
Cleveland Indians

Lifetime BA .356

Abbreviated career of course.

Insanity, but sometimes I still turn on the TEEVEE

I promise myself I won't watch Meet the Depressed. Today, I broke my promise. What do I get? I see whataboutism Chuck Toad grill 2 new Congresswoman about whether they will support Nancy Pelosi?

What I've never seen. Toad questioning any Reich Wing pol about whether they support the Tangerine Nero.

Back to my vodka. And, I need to hide my TV remote in a better place.
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