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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 10:29 AM
Number of posts: 9,497

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Dave Kingman

Holds record for most Home Runs in last season in the Majors.

35 in 1986 (Oakland).

Maybe now Drumpt should crack open some Russian Literature

Perhaps "Crime and Punishment."

Search Ebay for a coloring book version.

It would be totally justified that, given Drumpt's rumored dalliance of a pee

nature, the trail to his demise begins with a series of leaks.

Given how the dam appears to be breaking on Drumpt does he

just fire Mueller in order to delay and setback the investigation? He knows the rethugs will do nothing.

Players who hit for the Cycle 3 times in their career

Only three players have done it:

Babe Herman
Bob Meusel
Adrian Beltre

Need a Progressive DVR

A DVR that understands when treasonous Drumpt rethugs speak on Senate committees and refuse to record it.

Drumpt accuses former officials of profiting from their prior service and security

clearances. This is from a traitor who charges the Secret Service for using his golf cars at various trump lands.

My morning retch has begun.

Program alert for Ted Williams special

PBS is showing a special tonight on Ted Williamsí life. Locally here in AZ it starts at 8pm. Check your local listings.


9 for Teddy Ballgame!

Mickey Mantle and Dick "the Monster" Radatz

Mantle faced him 18 times. Radatz struck him out 12 times.


It's still amazing to me to live in a place where it is routinely over 100, and even 110 degrees,

and I can enter a store and purchase ice.

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