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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 10:29 AM
Number of posts: 9,494

Journal Archives

If Drumpt gets the cabinet whose members will never tell him no

who stops him from staring at the next eclipse.

Best current investment advice

Laughing stock in America!

3 Riskiest Jobs in the World

Crash test dummy

Explosive Ordinance Disposal Expert

Drumpt Cabinet Secretary

After the outcome of races in Alabama and Pennsylvania I fully endorse Trump

to travel the country to all Republican swing districts and fully endorse rethug candidates.

Given Drumpt's hatred of exercise is it possible, when the occasion arises,

he can be frog-marched?

Stable genius, high IQ Putin boot licker

fires SOS by tweet, looks past nerve agent attack on the sovereign territory of our most important ally, shills for a ridiculous border wall policy, sees his body man walked out of the WH and then signs him onto his 2020 campaign, and continues to block the testimony of a porn star who had an affair with while his wife was pregnant.

Both sides do it. President Obama wore a tan suit once. Thanks MSM.

It's bad when you forget the gift you bought at the store

Things Remembered.

The man who couldn't negotiate a pay off with an adult film star is

going to negotiate nukes with NK. What could go wrong?

When dotard returns from NK: (Fill in the blank)

I have ______ in our time!

New Drumpt condo building.

Pop song named after me.

New ideas for my trump military parade.

Workers who will labor for turnips.

Given Drumpt's refusal to enforce the law concerning sanctions against Russia passed by nearly

unanimous vote by Congress I don't know how a Democratic Senate and House will make any difference. He will just ignore their requests and subpoenas and declare everything fake news and wait for his mob to validate him. SCOTUS is probably 5-4 for him in every case. The only thing to be done is Mueller gets him or he is voted out in 2020.
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