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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 9,307

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Even with all the voter suppression efforts by the Feds and the States currently

going on perhaps the biggest culprit in the 2018 election will be Putin's intelligence services. The Reich Wing and Shitgibbon can allow it to happen and have deniability at the same time.

Only a draft dodger like Cadet Bone Spurs would think that anyone

in the military would like to be in a parade. When I served we had Brigade Parades every payday and they were a gigantic pain in the ass and waste of time. We eventually got a new Brigade Commander who got rid of them and so we could use the time for actual training. He was cheered throughout my infantry battalion.

What do you call a bear with no teeth?

A gummy bear!

Heard on ABC This Week this morning--not the Onion

Kelly Ann Conway is being considered as a candidate for Chief of Staff if a new one is needed.

I wonder if the Shitgibbon dumped his Big Mac and fries when he jumped

up and cheered for the Russian delegation entering the stadium in South Korea.

Probably was upset because Putin's cheaters couldn't march in under the Russian flag.

I've seen much of Biden on the TeeVee. Whenever I see

him there's part of me that can never forgive his treatment of Anita Hill.

Don't know if I will ever get past that.

I searched my Thesaurus for a substitute for the word

"pointless." I couldn't find one. It was a futile effort.

If the Democrats take the Senate back in 2018

there should be total blockade of SCOTUS picks from Drumpt from 2018-2020.

Dom DiMaggio, in 1950, led the AL in stolen bases.

With 15.

Still the all time low for leading a league in SBs.

I recently bought a thesaurus and it was really incomplete.

In fact, it was terrible. Also, it was terrible.
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