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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 9,315

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It's important to realize the fully justified MSM's discussion of what racist

Drumpt is simultaneously used as a clarion call for his base to rally around him. Drumpt understands this and knows he needs to cross any line and destroy any political norm to keep his base intact. He fully intends to win 2020 with 37% of the vote. How? Voter suppression, Dark Money, sabotage by Putin, gerrymandering, and SCOTUS political rulings with his Russia judge on the bench.

His racism is ingrained and informed by political calculation.

An ill-informed man with power

is a weapon of mass destruction.”

Jesse Jackson

Where will Drumpt put his library?

My guess is some shitholski in Russia.

I don't recall the inscription on the Statue of Liberty

stating anything about stay away all you people from shithole countries.

What's even worse. Those remarks are calculated to let his base know he is still with them despite talks about DACA.

If journalists prove the more salacious details of the Steele Dossier to be true will

they win a Peebody?

Drumpt has no fear of 2018 Blue Wave election.

He is doing nothing to protect our election integrity from Putin. He's counting on Putin to save him, same as 2018. He may be right.

What happens first, the disintegration of the Pyramids,

or a concession by pedophile Roy Moore?

Duck and Cover Drills. Thanks Drumpt. I thought I was done with that horsepucky.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced this week ― days after President Donald Trump bragged about the size and effectiveness of his “Nuclear Button” (which doesn’t exist) ― that the agency will hold a public session on how to prepare for a nuclear explosion.

Does EMP knockout Netflix?

When someone says the word "movie star" what name or names come to mind immediately?

Burt Lancaster
Gregory Peck
Lauren Bacall

Sitting next to a deplorable?

Recently I sat right next to a rather large gentleman at a movie. Through the trailers he continued to play a game on, not his phone, but on a large screen tablet. When the movie began I asked if he could please turn it off. At first, he looked like he was ready to throw a punch, but he turned it off. He also left theater not long into the movie.

Maybe he needed to check his news feed from Faux News.

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