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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 9,138

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Drumpt wants to scrap I.N.F. Treaty


I can figure Vlad Daddy told the Orange Shitgibbon to do this when he saw that Drumpt, didn't know during the primaries, what the Nuclear Triad is.

My vote for saddest movie ever.

I know it came from the book, but my vote is for "The House of Sand and Fog."

The Orange Shitgibbon can't change his stripes

Number of days Baby Donnie has golfed or visited a golf property since coming to office. Over 150 I think.

Number of days the shitgibbon Bone Spurs has visited troops in a combat zone.


I want my superpower to be

to write cursive legibly.

Probably should stick to something more realistic like being invisible.

Drumpt asks King did your country murder


King: no

Drumpt: Well, heís like Putin. He said he didnít do it. So, thatís the end of that.

Paying higher prices at the Trump!

Gas prices up 31% since Memorial Day.
Thanks for nothing Orange Shitgibbon.

Example of a man attacked relentlessly with false accusations.

President Obama, where's your birth certificate? You are not an American Citizen and shouldn't be President.

How Every Senator Voted on Cloture


If BK gets in, and Manchin votes for him, count the Reich Wing talking points to be:

"Republicans reach across the aisle to work with Democrats."

"Unlike the Obama years, Republicans are the party of compromise."

I can hear the M$M now.

If it comes down to 50-50, by any combination, with Pence casting the

deciding the ballot, who wants to known as the 50th vote?

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