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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,491

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On a rare occasion Drumpt visits a hotel

that was not one he owned. Subsequently, the front desk manager got a call from Drumpt who was panicking. Drumpt says "help I'm trapped."

Manager: What do you mean trapped, just go out the door!

Drumpt: I tried that. One door led to the bathroom, the second to the closet, and the third had a sign on it that read Do Not Disturb.

A jumper cable walks into a bar and says

" I want a drink." The bartender says, "OK, as long as you don't try and start something!"

One thing that always bothered me

in Greek Mythology was that Medusa was always objectifying people.

Forget 2nd in line

Itís President Pelosi!

After Drumpt's SOTU debacle reporters should

ask about his spelunker disaster.



Thank You people of NYC

Currently visiting. Pouring rain. Everywhere diverse faces and languages. Everyone unfailingly courteous, helpful, and pleasant. This is the beauty and harmony of America. Wonderful!

MSM please stop using the word negotiate

If the discussion is between Mularkey, Pence the Dense, and Grifter Kushner, and no Democrats, that is not negotiation.

That is further plotting by hostage takers.

Want to hear a joke about sodium?



Response to Shitler's speech needs to continue to be:

We will discuss nothing until you open the government.

No negotiating with hostage takers.

Only pitcher to hurl a no-hitter in his first MLB START

Bobo Holloman for the STL Browns in 1953.

He played in 4 previous games as a relief pitcher.
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