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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,290

Journal Archives

Fewest wins at age 30 by an eventual 300 Game Winner

Phil Niekro
31 wins.

Sticker Beyond Shock

Not looking for one. But, just saw new truck prices at $81,000.

According to the Reich Wing failure to complete a criminal act means

there is no crime. No worries, right!

Okayyyyy. Why, then, am I still taking my shoes off at the airport?

Vic Power

In 1958 he stole 3 bases. Two of those were thefts of home. In the same game.

I believe he is still the last man to steal home twice in a game.

Temperature wars

The other day at the bank I noticed the huge steel vault door was open, but the thermostat was locked and secured.

Heard on CNN.

Sondland saying he didnít know Burisma equaled Biden means his next comment would be he was unaware that Apple equals Jobs.

Sondland should use this response to rethugs if

it was possible the Ukraine bribery plot was done without Shitler's direct knowledge.

I think you can place a safe bet

on the Orange Mussolini outing the whistle blower via tweet.

Today, elections had consequences.

Thankful for the Blue Wave!

The Relativity of Time by the Republicans

You can't nominate a SCOTUS appointee in an election year. Although turtle said he would nominate one in 2020 if an opening occurred.

You can't impeach a President in an election year.

This bending of time only applies to Democratic candidates or proposals, however.
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