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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,294

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MAGAT Devilspawn report card

"Little Heinrich's report card has been reviewed. I can report he has not failed, nor has he met grade standards."


W. Barr

Unique to Baseball

Baseball is the only sport where the defense has possession of the ball. Everything starts with the pitcher.

Neal Ball Yankees Second Base

The last man to commit 80 errors in a season-1908.

The next year he became the first MLB player to make an Unassisted Triple Play.

Baseball. Unpredictable always.

Drumpt last night said Congressman Schiff should resign because he deliberately

made false statements that were horrible (about collusion with Russia). That's a lie. But I digress.

Hey Tangerine Hitler apply that standard to yourself concerning what you said about President Obama not being an American citizen.

Seen it before

The Reich Wing want to demolish the ACA in order to force the Dems to come to the table and negotiate with them.

I've heard and seen this before. We had to destroy the village in order to save it.

Record for strike outs thrown by a pitcher in a single month.

June, 1977 by Nolan Ryan with 87 punch outs.

Only 3 other pitchers have even reached 75 strikeouts in a month.

Bank robbers write their notes in cursive

because it's hard to trace.

Barr Bogus Letter and the similarity to the Rethug response to the 2000 election.

In both cases the Reich Wing raced out of the gate and got their messages out ahead of the facts. Gore became Sorelosermann and any response to the Barr letter is seen by the MSM as somehow impugning Mueller. And therefore, hypocritical Dems, shame on the Democrats. At least according to the M$M.

I think Dems understand that the longer the Mueller report is hidden the further the Barr letter laps the field.

Russia, if you are listening,

can you get a copy of the Mueller Report?

Comment seen on line.

Who was the 1st pitcher to have 3000 SOs and less than 1000 base on balls.

Ferguson Jenkins (997 walks).

Since Fergie 3 others have joined this club. Gary Maddox (999 walks), Pedro Martinez, and Curt Schilling.
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