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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,296

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Trump Sandwich

Read today on the internets.

A restaurant advertised a Trump Sandwich"

-White bread
-Full of Baloney
-w/Russian Dressing
-and a small pickle.

Russian asset Turtle of the Senate should have

walk-up music whenever he speaks

How about: Putin on the Mitch.

Media dances to Drumpt's twitter tune.

Mueller report this weekend, not much.

Putin beating protesters in Moscow, very little.

SCOTUS approving Shitler's stealing of funds from the Pentagon for his BS wall, get out your detective skills.

What if shopping was like

bundling on cable TV.

"Let's see sir, I see you want to purchase that that snow tire. In order to purchase that you also need to purchase a bag of gravel, a feather duster, a slightly used anvil, fish food, some lawn darts, and a set of encyclopedias from 1956."


Eating a raspberry filled, powdered sugar beignet without ending up looking like the Joker.

I read the entire Mueller Report and watched all of his testimony

I didn't have any problem with his referencing the written material. It was a dense read and the Republicans were laying contradictory traps.

It was a great moment when he was asked if all these Drumpt officials had lied. And then named them.

Probably Shitler stained his silk, massive drawers when Mueller said he could prosecuted when he left office. And, when it was highlighted that, if he won, the statue of limitations would run out.

The Reich Wing questions made it visually clear they believe the Democrats and the Rule of Law are their enemies and not the thugs in the WH or the Russians.

I couldn't find any instance when there was a factual dispute of what Mueller said. Only Faux news drooling points.

News media reports show how they have been beguiled by Drumpt's showmanship. If Mueller doesn't go Lindsey Graham then there's nothing to see. M$M has learned nothing from 2016. Probably will double down to maximize profits.

Overall, I thought it was a factual and useful process. The problem is, 40% of the population are in denial of basic truths and facts. That is what we are facing in 2020.

Every "c" in Pacific Ocean

is pronounced differently.

There are 2 ingredients in Trail Mix.

M&Mís and disappointment.

The Public and the M$M trying to keep up with the vomitus of lies by the Orange Blob

His lies are wrapped in a tissue of fascism, atavistic nationalism, racism, and misogyny.

Stochastic Terrorism should be a mandatory vocabulary term.

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