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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2012, 11:29 AM
Number of posts: 12,294

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Sick of this phrase

“Out of an abundance of caution.”

This weasel statement generally precedes the following:
We are notifying you that all your personal data has probably/likely/surely been compromised.

We are notifying you your car airbags are/maybe/surely defective and will deploy with excessive force and behead you.

There is no offer of compensation. Only a fake offer of caution.

Both NBC and MSNBC have lead in music to whenever

they discuss election results (like NC last night). Just hearing that music gives me PTECD (Post Trump Election Cursing Disorder).

It's loud and not proud.

The pitcher with 300 wins who has the highest W/L percentage over career

Lefty Grove


WP: .680

Groucho Marx and Samuel Goldwyn

For years when Hollywood producer Samuel Goldwyn walked by Groucho Marx he would ask "How's Harpo?" Groucho accepted this for a while as just a quirk.

Eventually Groucho tired of this and in angry voice and asked Goldwyn, "why are you always asking about Harpo, you never ask How I am."

Goldwyn stopped and said, "I'm sorry Groucho how are you?"

Groucho said, "I'm fine, Sam. Thanks for asking."

Goldwyn then said: "And how's Harpo?"

Not too often anybody got the better of Groucho.

The 3 Pitchers in the HOF with losing records

Rollie Fingers
Bruce Sutter
Satchel Paige

A feat not seen since the Babe.

Micheal Lorenzen of the Reds hits a homer, gets a win, and played the outfield in the same game.



State of the judiciary in AZ

Our Drumpt puppet governor just appointed another republican to the AZ Supreme Court. That gives our Trump stooge governor 5 appointees to the court, after he increased the number of total judges on the court from 5 to 7. This AZ Kangaroo Supreme Court now has 7 Reich Wing judges.

Democrats need not apply.

On the other hand, maybe if we get the US Senate, we should do the same.

Einstein enjoyed playing the violin all his life.

An amateur for sure, but it was one of his major sources of relaxation. Once he had the opportunity visit the acclaimed cellist Gregor Piatigorsky and the opportunity to demonstrate his skill. After he finished, Einstein asked, how did I play?

In true wordsmith fashion Gregor replied:

You played relatively well.

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